Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma military crackdown, death toll higher

September 28, 2007- HE death toll from Burma's crackdown on protesters was much higher than the official number of 10 given by the military regime, Australia's ambassador said.

Ambassador to Burma Bob Davis said the real toll was “several multiples of the 10 acknowledged by the authorities''.

Mr Davis told ABC radio that witnesses reported to embassy officials that they had seen ``significantly more than that number of dead being removed from the scene of the demonstrations in central Yangon (Rangoon) yesterday''.

Mr Davis said the crackdown was a ``completely inappropriate response to peaceful demonstrations'' and said he expected the demonstrations to continue today. ``It's very tense,'' he said.

Eight protesters and a Japanese journalist were killed yesterday as pockets of pro-democracy supporters defied Burmese troop threats of "extreme action" against those who did not leave the streets of Rangoon.

The police and military were out in force again today, patrolling the deserted streets of Rangoon and it was not immediately clear if demonstrators would again gather.
All roads leading to the main pagodas, which have been the focal points of the unrest in the devoutly Buddhist nation, were sealed off with barbed wire and barricades. Most businesses were closed.

Global pressure on the regime ratcheted up today, with Southeast Asian nations demanding that the military junta immediately stop using violence against protesters, and George W. Bush urging China to pressure the regime to move toward democracy.

BANGKOK, Sept. 27 — Beginning the second day of their crackdown on nationwide protests in Myanmar before dawn today, security forces raided at least two Buddhist monasteries, beating and arresting dozens of monks, according to reports from the capital, Yangon.

Facing its most serious challenge since taking power in 1988, the ruling junta is attempting to contain the uprising by tens of thousands of monks who have been at the heart of more than a week of huge demonstrations against economic hardships and the political repression of the military junta.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mahathir had further surgery!

Sep 23, 07 - Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has had further surgery and has been put on a respirator after a recent heart bypass caused a chest infection, an aide said today.

Sufi Yusof said the next 72 hours would be the crucial period in Mahathir's post-operative care, adding that the ex-prime minister was in stable condition.

"He is on post-cardiac surgery support. Mahathir is not conscious and is breathing with the support of a respirator," he said.

Sufi added that Mahathir had the three-hour procedure late Saturday to remove infected tissue from his chest.

"Mahathir is expected to remain on support for at least 36 hours for post-operative care," he said.

Mahathir, who underwent a five-hour heart operation on Sept 4, was reportedly making a rapid recovery. He previously had bypass surgery in 1989.

Mahathir resigned in 2003 after 22 years in power, handing the reins over to the current prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Despite retiring from office, Mahathir remains a hugely influential figure and has become an outspoken critic of his successor, accusing him of economic mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.


After murder of Nurin, Residents on full alert

After murder of Nurin, Residents on full alert. Read Star September 23, 2007 story.

On full alert! While police are beefing up security at public places, especially pasar malams, residents at Wangsa Maju and Kampung Baru are looking out for each other in the wake of the brutal murder of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Instead of focusing on vehicle thefts at parking lots like they used to, Sentul police will now make their presence felt at places where the public gather to ensure that children are safe from predators.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm K. Kumaran said that although policemen were currently placed at all pasar malams, they were mainly stationed at car parks to ensure that vehicles were not stolen or broken into.

“We have practised this for quite some time now to provide a sense of security for vehicle owners.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BBC HARDtalk on preferential treatment to Malay

In a HardTalk programme first broadcast on Thursday 13 September 2007, Sarah Montague talks to Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

Sarah Montague talks to Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar about whether the law giving preferential treatment to Malay and other indigenous groups is now outdated.

Malaysia has just marked fifty years of independence, and there's much to celebrate.

Living standards have improved immeasurably over the past five decades, illiteracy has been virtually eradicated and the economy is doing well.

But do Indian and Chinese Malaysians have as much to celebrate as the Malay population.

Click here to watch the interview

Someone Tries to Sell Belgium on EBay

Tuesday Sep. 18, 2007
By Paul Ames, AP Writer

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP)Hidden among the porcelain fox hounds and Burberry tablecloths on sale at this week was an unusual item: "For Sale: Belgium, a Kingdom in three parts ... free premium: the king and his court (costs not included)."
The odd ad was posted by one disgruntled Belgian in protest at his country's political crisis which reached a 100-day landmark Tuesday with no end in sight to the squabbling between Flemish and Walloon politicians.

"I wanted to attract attention," said Gerrit Six, the teacher and former journalist who posted the ad. "You almost have to throw rock through a window to get attention for Belgium."

Six placed the advertisement on Saturday, offering free delivery, but pointing out that the country was coming secondhand and that potential buyers would have to take on over $300 billion (euro220 billion) in national debt.

Like many of Belgium's 10 million citizens, Six is exasperated that the power struggle between the county's French- or Dutch-speaking political parties has left Belgium in political limbo since June 10 elections.

Demands for more autonomy from the Dutch-speaking Flemish are resisted by the French-speaking Walloons, making it impossible to form a government coalition and triggering concern the kingdom is on the verge of a breakup.

Six decided to vent his frustration through the Internet ad.

"My proposal was to make it clear that Belgium was valuable, it's a masterpiece and we have to keep it," he told Associated Press Television News. "It's my country and I'm taking care of it, and with me are millions of Belgians."

Six' idea got a mixed reaction on the streets of Brussels.

"Very funny, typical Belgian humor," said Anne Graux. "It's ridiculous," snapped Nathalie Ginot, a Brussels resident who had her own pragmatic solution to Belgium's woes. "We think it would be good to split Belgium into the three and make Brussels a tax-haven, a capital exempt from all taxes," she said hopefully.

Six vaunted Belgium's attractions to potential buyers from art nouveau architecture to the headquarters of NATO and the European Union and some great beers. But he also warned of the pitfalls of taking on the cacophonous mix of Flemish nationalists, Walloon Socialists and the mayors of all 19 Brussels' boroughs.

EBay was happy to take Six' advertisement.

"It was a really fun listing made by a Belgian," Peter Burin, PR manager of eBay Belgium. "This person, in a very funny way, reminded the Belgians what a great country Belgium actually is and it would be a shame to sell it."

However, the company decided to pull the add Tuesday after receiving a bid of euro10 million ($14 million)

"We decided to take it down, just to avoid confusion," he told APTN.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Folks, please help to find this 8-year old girl Nurin Jazlin.

Nurin Jazlin has been missing for 28 days and still counting. On Aug 20, Nurin Jazlin, a year- two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Desa Setapak, was reported missing after going to the night market near her house.

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Petronas is screaming for an increase!

With global oil prices hitting US$80 (RM280) per barrel last week, Petronas is now pushing for an increase in gas charges. If the subsidies were not removed, the Malaysian economy would remain “distorted”. Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said in Gemas.

If the Government gives Petronas the green light to raise rates, consumers would have to brace themselves for higher costs since gas is required for generating electricity, industrial, household use and for NGV-powered automobiles.

Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said, Petronas had provided gas subsidies close to RM50bil since 1997, and last year alone, it paid out RM14bil in subsidy.

He said, a Cabinet committee chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will decide on Petronas’ proposal next Monday.

Lim, however, assured the people that despite the heavy reliance by Tenaga Nasional Bhd and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on gas, there would be no increase in electricity tariffs.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Who said Chan Resign ?

Who said Chan resign ? We should ask Sin Chew Daily editor in Chief in which published the news front-page. By the way, MalaysiaAktif Bashir Ahmad told you who is him. Read more.....

Siapa kata Kong Choy letak jawatan?
Kena tanya pengarang akhbar Sin Chew Jit Poh yang menyiarkan cerita Chan hendak meletakkan jawatan di muka depan pada 7 September lalu. Punca berita itu adalah orang yang mengidam mahu jadi Presiden MCA.
Bashir Ahmad
12 September 2007
Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy kelihatan segar-bugar dan ceria di lapangan terbang KLIA sekembalinya daripada percutian dua minggu di Australia. Katanya, dia sihat dan akan kembali bekerja pada hari ini.
Ditanya tentang spekulasi beliau akan meletakkan jawatan, kata Chan:``Spekulasi ini bukan daripada saya dan saya tidak tahu siapa memulakannya.”
Siapa yang memulakannya kena tanya pengarang akhbar Sin Chew Jit Poh yang menyiarkan cerita Chan hendak meletakkan jawatan di muka depan pada 7 September lalu.
Sehari dua kemudian, wartawan bertanya kepada Perdana Menteri mengenai khabar angin tersebut. Kata Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Chan tidak pernah mengemukakan surat peletakan jawatan dan tidak pula membayangkannya.
Kata Abdullah, Chan mohon bercuti 12 hari kerana tidak sihat dan mahu mendapatkan rawatan di luar negara.
Macam mana boleh muncul cerita Chan mahu meletakkan jawatan? Menurut spekulasi, kononnya beliau mahu meletakkan jawatan kerana tidak tahan menghadapi pelbagai tekanan berhubung isu-isu berkaitan kementeriannya, termasuk isu kawasan perdagangan bebas Pelabuhan Klang.
Dalam politik, biasanya cerita buruk mengenai seseorang disebarkan oleh musuh-musuh politiknya. Apatah lagi cerita yang tidak benar. Ini adalah sebahagian daripada taktik memburukkan imej seseorang atau disebut dalam bahasa Inggeris “character assasination.”
Apatah lagi cerita mengenai Chan itu dikaitkan dengan isu-isu melibatkan Kementerian Pengangkutan. Isu-isu ini ditonjolkan dengan tujuan untuk menunjukkan bahawa Chan mempunyai cacat-cela dari segi kepimpinan.
Menurut kalangan yang rapat dengan MCA, spekulasi ini ada kaitan dengan perebutan kuasa peringkat tinggi parti itu. MCA telah meluluskan peraturan bahawa jawatan presiden hanya boleh dipegang oleh seseorang selama dua penggal. Selepas tempoh tersebut, jawatan itu akan secara automatik dipertandingkan.
Presiden MCA sekarang, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting akan tamat tempoh perkhidmatan pada 2011. Jika berdasarkan senioriti jawatan, tentulah Chan yang paling layak mengisi kekosongan kerana beliau sekarang adalah Timbalan Presiden MCA.
Ong dan Chan mengisi jawatan mereka sekarang atas sokongan Tun Ling Liong Sik yang melepaskan jawatan Presiden MCA kerana berlaku krisis kepimpinan antara beliau dengan timbalannya, Datuk Lim Ah Lek pada 2003. Sebagai jalan penyelesaian, Ling dan Lim bersetuju berundur bagi mengelakkan perpecahan dalam parti.
Bagi mengelakkan krisis seumpama berulang, Ong mengambil langkah lebih ke hadapan dengan mengusulkan jawatan Presiden MCA hanya boleh dipegang selama dua penggal. Perhimpunan MCA telah meluluskan usul tersebut.
Dengan adanya peraturan tersebut, tempoh perkhidmatan Ong akan berakhir pada 2011. Bagaimanapun MCA tidak menetapkan jawatan tersebut secara automatik akan diisi oleh Timbalan Presiden. Maka pertandingan akan berlaku jika ada orang lain yang merasakan dia lebih layak daripada Chan untuk menggantikan Ong.
Dan ternyata sudah ada orang yang berasa dia lebih layak daripada Chan untuk menggantikan Ong. Difahamkan orang inilah yang menjadi punca penyebaran cerita yang tidak molek tentang Chan, termasuk kononnya beliau akan meletakkan jawatan menteri.
Siapakah gerangan musuh Chan ini? Orang yang sedang bercita-cita menjadi Presiden MCA, jika bukan timbalan presiden tentulah di kalangan empat orang naib presiden.

Untuk meneka lebih tepat siapa di antara empat Naib Presiden MCA yang paling kuat bercita-cita untuk menggantikan Ong, kenalah bertanya Sin Chew dari manakah mereka mendapat maklumat kononnya Chan akan meletakkan jawatan menteri.
Jika maklumat itu tidak diberikan secara langsung oleh salah seorang Naib Presiden MCA , kemungkinan besar ia datang dari mulut orang yang rapat dengannya. Siasatlah siapa yang mempunyai pembantu dari kalangan bekas wartawan Sin Chew. Kebarangkalian besar orang itulah yang menjadi musuh politik nombor satu Chan Kong Choy sekarang.
Kembali kepada cerita Chan bercuti kerana sakit, ramai yang ingin tahu apa penyakit yang dihidapinya. Khabar angin yang disebarkan kononnya Chan `terkejut hingga hilang semangat’ kerana terlihat mayat mangsa nahas bas di Bukit Gantang akhir bulan lalu dalam keadaan yang sangat mengerikan.
Kononnya Chan terlihat mayat tersebut semasa beliau melawat mangsa-mangsa kemalangan di Hospital Taiping.
Sejauh mana kebenaran cerita ini hanya Chan sahaja boleh mengesahkannya. Jika cerita itu benar, nyatalah ia sengaja disebarkan oleh musuh politiknya untuk menunjukkan bahawa Chan tidak layak menjadi pemimpin kerana “tengok mayat pun dia sudah hilang semangat.”
Maka ada lagi satu spekulasi bersifat pertanyaan. Antara empat Naib Presiden MCA itu siapakah yang paling tahan semangat jika melihat mayat? Lihat latar belakang karier mereka, tidak sukar untuk meneka siapa orang berkenaan.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quake felt in Petaling Jaya Too

Petaling Jaya, Sept 13, 2007 -- Tremors from the Jambi quake was felt too at the Menara-PJ building in Petaling Jaya. As a precautionary measure the residents were directed by security personnel twice to vacate their premises, one at 8.15 am and the other 12.30 noon today. The residents reported feeling tremors and were asked to vacate their premises yesterday at 7.15 pm.

Anxiety gripped high-rise building dwellers in the Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley again this morning when their premises rattled from the tremors of a powerful earthquake measuring 8.2 quake rocked Bengkulu in west Sumatera yesterday.

Oil prices unchanged until year-end

September 13, 2007 - Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today domestic petrol prices, will likely remain unchanged at around RM1.92 per liter until year-end. The petrol prices were last raised in February 2006 when world crude oil prices had struck an fresh all-time record high of US$60 a barrel.

"We have not decided whether we want to raise the price or what other action we may wish to take. But we are also mindful of the fact that some time ago we made a statement that we will not increase the price of oil (for) the rest of the year," he said.

"At the same time we are studying very carefully and analyzing how big is the negative impact it may have on the economy."

Crude oil historic high above $80 a barrel

September 13, 2007 - The price of New York crude oil prices dropped today as traders took profit after US crude stocks fell and drove oil futures in the previous session after scaling an historic high above $80 per barrel for the first time the previous day.

Although a decision Tuesday by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to pump an extra 500,000 barrels of oil per day from the start of November will only provide little relief to the tight market, analysts have said.

The contract had climbed as high as $80.18 per barrel yesterday before settling at a record close of $79.91 a barrel. New York's main futures contract, light sweet crude for delivery in October fell 16 cents to 79.75 dollars per barrel.

But losses were limited owing to support gained from concerns over another drop to US crude stockpiles and the prospect of even tighter oil supplies should energy facilities be damaged by Hurricane Humberto.

OPEC's "basket" price of crude oil, based on production in 12 different countries, rose to a record 74.21 dollars a barrel on Wednesday, the cartel announced Thursday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chan never tendered resignation letter

Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy never tendered any resignation letter and on returning to work today (Sept 12, 2007) after a two week medical leave in Australia. He said he never tendered any resignation letter.

Chan also MCA Deputy President had abruptly left for Australia several days prior to the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations sparking widespread speculations over the move. Sin Chew Daily purported his resignation front-paged last Friday, The intension yet to be justified but believed to be related to another senior minister which is close to the daily.

On his arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Melbourne yesterday (Sept 11, 2007), Chan denied rumors that was diagnosed with cancer.

"You ask the people who started the rumors. I've made a statement, the prime minister has clarified about it and now I'm back in office. I didn't start the rumors," he said.

All the Chinese daily reported this story front-page today (Sept12, 2007).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy resigned ?

Top-selling Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily today (Sept. 7, 2007) carry a front page report on Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy has resigned, adding that Chan handed in his resignation letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi without the knowledge of key MCA leaders, including Ong.

According to Sin Chew’s brief news report, Chan's resignation was due to ‘work, personal and health reasons' but apparently changed his mind after being persuaded by top MCA leaders, of which he is deputy president. Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy left the country suddenly on the eve of the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebration.

The reason as informed by his press secretary - Chan was on a two-week leave to seek medical treatment in Australia. His abrupt departure soon caused the rumuor mill to work overtime. Top BN leaders including Deputy Premier Najib Tun Razak and MCA president Ong Ka Ting had to appeal to the media not to speculate on Chan’s absence.

According to the analysis, Chan was unhappy with the Prime Minister’s Department handling of the RM4.6 million scandal surrounding Port Klang Free Zone(PKFZ), particularly from a group of bureaucrats better known as the ‘Fourth Floor’ operatives, who are key aides of Abdullah. Other incidents include the Islamic State declarations, the racially inflammatory remarks by Umno leaders, the attack on Muar student Wee Meng Chee which has irked the Chinese community. MCA leaders feel that Umno has disadvantaged them and the party is struggling to secure their support among the Chinese community.

Signs of frustrations were even more apparent when some of their younger members even went to the extend of calling for the party to withdraw from the Umno-led Barisan Nasional coalition during the recent MCA annual assembly.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Malaysia risks a brain drain - 2008 Budget

While the Budget contained measures to help the poorest Malaysians but the lack of income tax cut may let Malaysia risks a brain drain.

The Prime Minister said the main thrust of the Budget was aimed at enhancing the nation’s competitiveness, strengthening human capital development and ensuring the well being of all Malaysians.

Designed to propel the country into becoming a competitive global player, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the budget was to improve the quality of life of every Malaysian.

He said a total of RM12bil has been allocated to implement the Higher Education Strategic Plan, launched on Aug 27 this year.

He opted to cut the corporate tax rate another one percentage point to 25 percent from 2009, adding to previously announced reductions which have lowered it from 28 percent.

The government cut corporate tax rates and property stamp duty in the 2008 Budget unveiled today, in an attempt to spur the economy, which is imperiled by an uncertain global outlook.

Malaysiakini reported Chua Hak Bin, an economist with the Singapore-based Citigroup Global Capital Markets, said that while the Budget contained measures to help the poorest Malaysians, the lack of an income tax cut was regrettable.

"Yes there is disappointment. Other countries like Singapore have cut personal taxes, with their highest tax rate at 20 percent. By not cutting personal tax, Malaysia risks a brain drain," he said.

But with an eye to elections, which are tipped to be held well before a 2009 deadline, Abdullah announced that school fees would be axed, and that a free books scheme currently offered to poor students would be extended to everyone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Press told not to play up bloggers' influence

Zainuddin said he did not believe bloggers had a big influence on the people as they lacked credibility. Read this story reported by BERNAMA on September 4, 2007.

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has reminded the print media, especially newspapers, not to confuse the public about bloggers influence.

A number of newspapers have created the impression that bloggers have a big influence on the people, he told reporters after the launching of Radio24 here today.

He questioned the need of these newspapers to give credit to bloggers when the number of blogsite audience did not reflect the actual local readership.

Who actually reads bloggers websites? Most of them are intellectuals while those in rural areas, who wield a greater power in political elections, do not read these websites, he said.

Zainuddin said he did not believe bloggers had a big influence on the people as they lacked credibility.

Zainuddin said bloggers credibility would disappear especially when they join certain political parties.

Meanwhile, he said, the launch of Radio24 today was the governments new approach in disseminating information accurately and quickly.

I hope Radio24 will become a main media source for the public despite the stiff competition from the various media channels, he said.

Earlier, Zainuddin launched the first news and information radio station in Malaysia, Radio24, that is run by the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) through frequency 93.9fm.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Zam Attacked Mahathir ?

Zam attacked Mahathir? Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin attacked theSun for a second time today (Sept 3, 2007), he also attacked internet bloggers and newspapers which treat bloggers as a source of information.

"I don't understand why some newspapers want to project some of these websites as being crucial and claim that they are read by six million people.”

"Who are these six million? Foreigners? Are they read by people who determine the political power in this country?" he asked.

The attacked seems to be directed toward Malaysia's former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

On the other hand, Malaysia's former premier Mahathir Mohamad April 19, 2007 emerged as an unlikely champion for the country's bloggers, arguing they provide a valuable source of news. Mahathir, who in recent months has complained he was being censored by mainstream media, said people were turning to blogs and online news journals because of Malaysia’s tightly controlled media.”There is no doubt that bloggers have provided us with an alternative source of news. By and large, they have been responsible,” Mahathir said after speaking at a conference on the media and national development.

"At the moment, with the atmosphere prevailing in the country, many people are turning to the bloggers for news," he said.

Recently (15 August 2007), Mahathir said bloggers are the only hope left to express the views about all the problems in Malaysia now. Read the story reported by Malaysiakini.

As Umno musters its forces against the emergence of bloggers, the party’s former president Dr Mahathir Mohamad is urging online dissidents to keep up the pressure on the government.

At a special meeting with bloggers today, Mahathir described bloggers as the “only hope” left to speak out on problems in the country.

“Umno has become completely paralysed. It cannot do anything (to correct itself). The only hope left is with the bloggers,” said Mahathir during a two-and-a-half hour speech to some 100 bloggers at the Perdana Leadership Foundation headquarters in Putrajaya.

Mahathir was speaking on the perceived intolerance of Umno’s leadership towards criticism on allegations of corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

He has been over the past two years attacking number of party leaders, in particular his handpicked successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his powerful son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is Umno Youth deputy chief.

Up until now, Mahathir had only been expressing tacit support for online dissidents, although he had once dubbed malaysiakini as “traitors to the country” when he was in power.

Dr Mahathir In Stable Condition

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is in stable condition after undergoing a five-hour coronary bypass surgery at the National Heart Institute (IJN). Read this story reported by Bernama.

Dr Mahathir In Stable Condition After Five-hour Operation

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is in stable condition after undergoing a five-hour coronary bypass surgery at the National Heart Institute (IJN) here Tuesday.

His daughter, Datin Paduka Marina, said he is now warded at the Intensive Care Unit for post-operation observation.

"He is fine and out of the operating theatre and is now in the ICU. We are all very happy and everything went according to plan," she told reporters at the IJN lobby.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir's special officer, Sufi Yusoff, told Bernama that the surgery was carried out by a team headed by his former cardiac surgeon, Tan Sri Dr Yahya Awang, ended at 2.30pm. It started at 9.30am.

Dr Mahathir, 81, first underwent a coronary bypass operation at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital on Jan 24, 1989, following a heart attack.

Marina said the family was grateful that the operation went smoothly and added that today's operation was "very much better than the one in 1989.

Her father was better prepared for the second bypass, she said.

"We know the whole country is praying....I'm extremely grateful," she said, thanking those who had sent their wishes via SMS and e-mails.

TheSun is anti-Malay, says Zam

TheSun is free and RTM is free too, both of them have the similar characteristic. But RTM is the government agency which is funded officially but not theSun.

Is it the attacked and accusations are due to the position that theSun is against the government or Zam would like to issue the grand to make sure that theSun always singing the same praises as RTM does? Read this story reported by theSun.

Zam attacks theSun again

PETALING JAYA (Sept 3, 2007): Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin attacked theSun for a second time today after launching Bernama's all-news radio station Radio24.

Last week, Zainuddin, who was once editor-in-chief of Utusan Malaysia, had accused theSun of promoting the concept of Malaysian Malaysia, of being anti-Malay and sympathetic to the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

He made the accusation and took exception to Gerakan adviser and Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik describing theSun as the only newspaper that is truly non-racial in its news reporting.

Torday, besides repeating his allegations that theSun was pro-DAP, he also said the newspaper supports Parti Keadilan and gave too much space to the views of young people.

"He who is a supporter of Keadilan, those whose positions are against the government, youngsters, they will get a place in theSun," Zainuddin said. "Are they [theSun] the voice of DAP or Keadilan? I don't know."

He also attacked internet bloggers and newspapers which treat bloggers as a source of information.

"I don't understand why some newspapers want to project some of these websites as being crucial [and claim that they are] read by six million people.

"Who are these six million? Foreigners? Are they read by people who determine the political power in this country?" he asked.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Angry Rawang New Villagers Protest At TNB

Upset over the construction of high-tension electric cable towers over their Rawang New Village, about 50 angry residents staged a one-hour protest in front of TNB’s headquarters today (3 Sept, 2007). Bearing banners and decrying TNB’s rejection of their proposals for alternative routes for the power transmission lines, the residents urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to exercise his powers and order the towers to be moved to an alternative site.

The towers are part of TNB’s plan to increase power supply in the aftermath of the major blackouts in the Klang Valley in 2005. The new power lines will carry 240KV from its current 33KV. Residents however believe the electro magnetic field (EMF) generated by the power lines will adversely affect their health.