Monday, November 25, 2013

Jering fruits are delicious but dangerous

Jering fruits are delicious and are eaten at meal. In Kelatan, the fruits were steam and eaten with coconut meat. It’s simply delicious.

                           Steam Jering

Jering is native in Southeast Asia and the Botanical name is Archidendron pauciflorum, commonly known as Jengkol, Dogfruit, or Jering. It is a species of flowering tree in the pea family called Fabaceae. 

It grows wild and the fruit is a legume twisted in a spiral which is 5 cm wide, purplish brown in color. The edible cotyledons are yellowish when young but orange brown when mature.

Despite its strong smell, “Jering” are a popular food in Malaysia. Traditionally the medicinal values are extolled for treating diabetes, high blood pressure and eliminating bladder stones.

However, the Singapore Medical Journal, the Asian Journal of Surgery, American Journal of Kidney Diseases, etc has been reported that Jering can cause acute kidney failure which can lead to life-long morbidity or even death.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Non professional personnel handle professional job?

One of the hallmarks of a profession is the standards it sets for itself. Often than not, building collapse, image of the agency jeopardize, political instability, human communication failure etc resulted the destructive effects and the opportunity cost is too high to be valued. 

While qualifications can vary depending on the sophistication of the work required, all practitioners should have a mastery of skills to meet certain minimum standards as unprofessional behavior is ethnocentrism. Should human communication failure caused by non professional, the price is too great to be paid.

Should the specialize job were handled by non professional personnel, the devastating effects is even greater. The negative impact is unimaginable besides receiving horror and loss. Not only can unwise decision be destructive in highly professional sectors but it undermining the reputation of the agencies.

A professional is an expert who is a master in a specific field with excellent practical and literary skills in relation to profession. Many of us have some level of expertise but how many are genuine experts in a given area?

Essentially, an expert is someone who is recognized as being an authority on a particular subject, or as having mastered a particular technique or skill. Most experts achieve expert status through extensive training and education; through intensive study and research; or through prolonged, deliberate practice.

The leaders of the organizations are among the professionals well known for their special knowledge. They've made a deep personal commitment to develop and improve their skills systematically besides bind by existence rules and orders.  

Outsourced to or absorbing the private experts under the claim of efficiency, however, being claimed as an effective strategy to put a challenge seems to be the overt personal benefits. They never in par with the Professionals to hold themselves accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions, professionally show respect for the people around them.