Friday, February 29, 2008


Vote for : Security, Peace and Prosperity, Malaysian Malaysia, Welfare State Or Anwar?

The challenging bit lies in Malaysian voters in the 12th General Elections will be held in 8th March 2008 is making wise, and therefore correct choices.

The voters should carefully weighing the campaign pledges, pronouncements and manifestos. They must take into the macro and micro aspects when deciding which are the best that can deliver positive results while moving toward developed country.


The 12th General Elections will be held in 8th March 2008. As usual, all the major political parties announced their manifestos, which represent their public declaration and pledge to uphold their stated principles and goals.

The most ultimate important questions remain: Are we going to give BN the mandate again? Are we going to deny BN by saying “Enough is enough, it has to stop here” and deny BN’s two-thirds majority? Are we going to support the untested and ideologies all differ of the opposition parties?

Ironically, one of the most important basic question every voter should be bear in mind before voting in the coming general election will Malaysia still move forward with the slogan Security, Peace and Prosperity and becoming developed country?

With the theme “Security, Peace and Prosperity,” the Barisan Nasional manifesto promises continuing to eradicate hardcore poverty, help the small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the quality of education, boost development and create additional jobs through the five economic corridors, improve public transport services and to improve relations between the different racial and religious communities.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), vows to adhere to the spirit of the Malaysian Federal Constitution, eliminating discriminative policies, ensure assistance for all in need, aims to improve the economic and market structure to attract more foreign investments and make Malaysia affordable for all, including lowering the price of petrol in line with PETRONAS’ higher profits.

PAS has pushed its Islamic-state agenda into the background and on a pledge to turn Malaysia into “welfare state".

The challenging bit lies in Malaysian voters is making wise, and therefore correct choices. The voters should carefully weighing the campaign pledges, pronouncements and manifestos. They should determine which are the best to deliver positive results while moving toward becoming developed country.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


The Penang based Gerakan-led BN has adopted the 'Keep Reinventing' slogan as its motto for the March 8 general election. But it has backfired with opposition party DAP exploiting every opportunity to turn the tables on its political rival by manipulating the Mandarin version slogan.

By exploiting the scenario, DAP had cheekily erected banners carrying the words 'Vote DAP' on each of the white-and-blue 'Keep Reinventing' BN banners with the bad intention to misled to be DAP banners pleading for votes.

Tactically, the Penang Barisan Nasional has taken the defensive measure immediately after its election slogan ‘Keep Reinventing’ was backfired following exploitation by the rival DAP.

Most of the Mandarin banners were removed immediately and replaced with new ones carrying the slogan that the electorate should not be fooled by DAP as their leaders will ‘disappear’ after being elected.

The 'Keep Reinventing' slogan adopted by the state BN as its motto for the March 8 general election is to show that the Gerakan-led state government has been constantly improving itself from good to better and that the ruling party has been able to keep up with the changing times after being in power for almost 40 years.

The slogan was designed to remind the Penangites how much the island state has transformed over the past half century and these changes could only continue by electing BN into the state government.

The questions remain: Is the manipulating action taken by DAP is unethical? Is it reflecting the opportunist nature of DAP and insulting Malaysian especially Penangites’s intelligence? Is it it reflected the DAP childish mentality like Roketkid?


A government determines the way in which a country, state, township, city, or village is run. It makes laws that citizens must obey and forming policies about everything connected with the daily life.

On the March 8, 2008, all the eligible voters once again have a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. They are the only one that can flock to polling centers scattered throughout the country, to cast their votes in the 12th general elections to determine the government over the next five years.

The voters whether, individually or collectively, is vitally important to gear themselves appropriately for the task awaiting them, just one vote can make a difference.

The voters must cast their votes wisely, by carefully weighing the campaign pledges, pronouncements and manifestos that have been made and propagated by various parties and candidates fielded, to determine which are the best poised to propel our country to higher political, social and economic advancement.

When voting, look for party and candidates who walk their talk and fulfill their promises for the success and future of the community and country.


The Malaysia General elections will be held once again on March 8, 2008. The incumbent Barisan Nasional government of Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is facing the opponents opposition parties PKR, DAP and PAS.

As the election campaigns move on, the propaganda machines of participating political parties come out with all kinds of promises to convince voters to cast their votes of support. The election manifesto, poster war, political talk, house to house campaign, cyber and media information warfare seem to be used by BN and opposition parties to get the overwhelming support. The more feel good news is being sought to be reported by media to be re-elected with an increased majority by coalition BN. On the other hand, opposition parties are targeting by denying the Government their two-thirds majority.

The Malaysia General Election is the classic opportunity for ordinary people to participate, to vote, and to decide whatever changes are needed and felt in governance. Ironically, it is the powers of the ordinary people who have voting right really make the decision, never the party in power; although they have full control of all the levers of influence. It is the individuals who walk up and can make a choice to define the difference.

The question remains: How are we going to cast our votes this coming 12th General Election? Should we vote for the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition which unveiled an impressive manifesto under the slogan of ‘Security, peace and prosperity’? Or should we give the other side a chance? Or denying the Government their two-thirds majority?

The ability to fulfill the promises, the ongoing intensive economic growth, security, peace and prosperity, various kinds of aid for the people to enjoy a comfortable life, should be by far the more positive or the first priority to be considered while casting the vote.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims issued before an election by a political party.

As usual, the political parties had put up their Manifesto for the 12th Malaysia General Election 2008. The various Manifestos are as follows:

1. BN’s Manifesto has Promises Continued Prosperity for Malaysian

2. PAS has pushed its Islamic-state agenda into the background and on a pledge to turn Malaysia into “welfare state"

3. DAP’s 2008 General Election Manifesto is: Just Change it-change for Democracy, a better quality of life and a brighter future for our children

4. PKR’s manifesto for the 12th general election with the slogan a 'new dawn for Malaysia' promising a constitutional state, vibrant economy, safer streets, affordable livelihood and better education for all.

The question remains : Which one will the voters buy? Lets wait and see.


Monday, February 25, 2008


After I posted the article “Bill Clinton, Cheney, Pak Lah and Hadi Awang Fall Asleep”, Abang Mat from has named me in relation as pro-government, so I feel I need to response to the comment.

First of all, I would like to preface is by emphasizing that the popular a sleeping issue in the cyber blog sphere seems to be unfair play by bloggers. Evidently, there are some people who do not much like him. The same could be said of myself or indeed of anyone who blogs much. I am certainly not out to target anybody while blogging but to seek the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.

Ironically, Pak Lah does fall asleep, so do Hadi Awang, the former USA President Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney and many others. So while blogging, why should targeted at a person only? Expressing such an opinion is nothing wrong but may be distasteful to some and vehemently argued by others, but definitely, having a negative opinion of a public figure is neither an offense nor an expression of the misogyny.

The truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth behind the blogs which post the asleep picture of the sole public figure Pak Lah, is clearly shown there was a deliberate personal verbal attacks which attempt to rope him into the kind of leadership crisis and by far the character assassination. In politics, it is perhaps one of the most common and effective strategy.

By the way, character assassination is defined as an intentional attempt to influence the portrayal or reputation of a particular person. By its nature, it involves deliberate exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person that result the image damages.

Please note the complex nature of blogging, whether you buy into the culturally biased, conspiracies, cover-up, mass-media induced viewpoints, unconscious agenda setting or you think on your own; there is one ultimate truth that no one can dispute but to accept, that is the undeniable, evidence-based reality.


The political cooperation within PKR, PAS and DAP appear to be the new characteristic of the country's 12th general elections. The question remains: Is the political cooperation between PKR, PAS and DAP is just a marriage of convenience?

Ironically, PAS positions itself as an Islamic party that aims to establish Malaysia as a country based on Islamic legal theory but with the opposed of DAP, PAS now portraits the welfare state.

On the other hand, DAP recognizes itself as a multiracial party with the concept of Malaysian Malaysia but in reality, DAP is heavily dependent on Chinese voters. Because a true Malaysian Malaysia party, it will contest in any constituency regardless of the population composition of the area and yet, DAP are mostly concentrated contesting in Chinese-majority constituencies.

How about PKR? It seems that PKR is purely for Anwar Ibrahim, nothing but purely for Anwar Ibrahim which are not communal-centric like DAP and PAS. So could the cooperation be seen as the marriage of convenience?


Banyok doh kerajae tolong rakyak, Mu sedar dok, geh mu mmasok kat rumoh tu kerajae dah tolong bayar RM28.71 setong. Mu tamboh sikit yo 24.50 rial jo mu bayar. Mu kiro brapo harga sebenar?

Harga sebenar nyo lebih 50 riyal. Mu kiro brape tong dah mu pakai 5 tahun dulu?
Kalo berniago, tutup kedai doh tapi kerajae tak tutup pun!

Mu pakai kreto ke? Gi sano, gi sini. Gi kijo? Gi Jual. Mudoh benar kito. Tapi kerajae dok bayar minyok hak kita pakai tu. Mu sedar dok? Satu liter hargonyo 3.37 riyal. Mu bayar cumo 1.92 riyal sajo. Mano leh jadi kerajae dok tanggung sampai tok leh buak hok lain doh?

Mu mintok lagi sekoloh tepi rumah mu biar selamak, jale molek-molek biar lagi laju mu gi, pah tu mu maroh kerajae nak naik minyok bilo harga satu dunio semua mahal. Molek ko gitu?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


With the existing Malaysian political culture, it seems that the political scenario is marching a big step forward facing with a dramatics changing in its fundamental practices. Many children or relatives of Malaysian politician’s heritage nature and nurture are following in the footsteps of their elders foraying into politics by contesting seats for the country's 12th general elections.

As they are grown up in a political environment, they are actively involved in politics and even contesting their father's seat while some others are battling in other constituencies for the March 8, 2008 elections.

Ironically, it is a good evolution as those who are participated are well qualified academically. Gone with the days the representatives can’t even speak nor write properly in Bahasa Malaysia or representing the voters to sleep in the Dewan.

The political school of thought that political nepotism and political dynasties seem getting common in Malaysia as some seats in the general elections are being “passed” from one generation to another, as though they are family businesses, are not buying.

In our constitution, there exists no clause or what so ever that somebody can not participate in the election. More over, those “inherited” are fighting inside the parties and hold top ranking posts.

Heading the Malaysia's leaders, for instance, is Najib Razak, son of the country's second Prime Minister, Abdul Razak. Hot on his heels is Hishamuddin Hussein, son of the third premier, Hussein Onn, and grandson of Onn Jaafar, the founder of the dominant United Malays National Organization (UMNO).

Now, with the nomination candidates list, the family links which could be found among political parties, be it Barisan Nasional or the Opposition is:

1. > Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, 32-year-old, contesting in Rembau, Negri Sembilan. With a background in journalism and investment banking, his university education at Oxford University and graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics(PPE). He is currently the division Youth chief of Rembau and the deputy chief of the youth wing of the Malaysian political party, UMNO.

2. > Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, is the third son and fifth child of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is contesting in Jerlun. In 2004, Dato’ Mukhriz graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management – Marketing from Boston University, USA in 1989. He had a distinguished career with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd, Kuala Lumpur with over ten (10) years experience in business and project development and served as the Senior Advisor to the President of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd.

He held various posts of several business firms, which include Opcom Holdings, Kosmo Tech as well as the Malaysian Franchise Association. He is also the executive director of Perdana Peace Global Organisation. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Malaysian cancer vaccine company, Bioven.

He won the election of the UMNO Youth exco by garnering the highest number of votes.

3. > Lim Si Pin, son of former Gerakan president Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik (incumbent Beruas MP), who is contesting in Batu parliamentary seat. He holds double degrees in economics and law from Yale University. He works as a finance manager in a securities firm in helping companies get listed or arranging for rights issues. He has been involved in politics for a decade and currently he is the deputy chief Gerakan Youth.

4. >Datuk Ling Hee Leong, 38 eldest son of former Malaysian Transport Minister and former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, is fielded in Gopeng, Perak. He has a degree in economics and politics from the University of London. He is one of the youngest emerging businessmen in the country. His life culture is eat, drink and be merry, like his father, Hee Leong is a grassroots man who can sit, eat and drink with his friends anywhere, be it in a coffee shop or five-star setting. Currently he is the MCA Youth Deputy Chief and Kuala Kangsar MCA division chief,

5. >Chua Tee Yong, 31, son of former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. He is contesting in Labis, Johore. He works as the chief financial officer.

6. > Lim Guan Eng, 48, son of the Opposition Leader in the Malaysian Parlimen, who is standing in Bagan, Penang. He is married to Betty Chew, another prominent member of the DAP. Currently, he is the Secretary-General of the DAP.

7. > Gobind Singh Deo, 35, son of DAP national chairman and a prominent Malaysian Sikh leader Karpal Singh, is standing in Puchong. He is a lawyer. Currently he is DAP National Legal Advisory Bureau secretary and DAP National Publicity Bureau secretary.

8. > Jagdeep Singh Deo, 37, another son of Karpal, is DAP's candidate for the Datuk Keramat, Penang state seat. While he is just 29, he is already involved in the sodomy trial of Anwar Ibrahim, where the senior Singh is also among the main defense lawyers. Jagdeep, who is often seen by his father's side in court, is the lawyer for Anwar's adopted brother, Sukma Darmawan.

9. >Mujahid Yusof, son of PAS leader the late Yusof Rawa, is contesting in Parit Buntar, Perak. The 44-year-old PhD graduate in Islamic political science and PAS’ national unity bureau chief is contesting again despite the lost in his two previous tries. He is among the new breed of professionals group within the Islamic opposition party led by deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

10. >Nurul Izzah, daughter of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is contesting in Lembah Pantai, parliamentary seat in KL. The 27-year-old Nurul Izzah Anwar, eldest daughter of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. The eloquent Nurul Izzah, fondly called ‘Puteri reformasi’, is ready to contest for a seat for the first time.

Bill Clinton, Cheney, Pak Lah, Hadi Awang fall a sleep

Fall into sleep

Fall into me

I have a dream

I have a beautiful dream

……………and thinking about the future of the nation.............................................................................


It is human to fall a sleep when listening to a boring speaker speaks at a function or meeting especially the speech is long, monotonous and no substances.

It happened to Bill Clinton, Cheney, Pak Lah, and sometimes Hadi Awang, you and me too.

The fact is, as long as your are not fall into asleep while you are presenting speech or lecturing. It's alright, people won't mind instead understanding especially you are too occupied and getting old. Might be sometimes we can't sleep over the night or have a bad dream.

a. Clinton falls asleep during King Speech

January 22, 2008, Bill Clinton proved Dr Martin Luther King Jr was not the only one to have a 'dream' by falling asleep yesterday during a memorial for the late civil rights activist.

Bill Clinton falls asleep during during sermon on Martin Luther King Day. This was a boring speaker and Clinton got bored.

He sainthood which Martin Luther King is held is enough to send anyone to sleep. Yes, the man was a voice for equal rights.

b. Cheney falls asleep during Cabinet meeting on wildfires.
During a cabinet meeting October 24, 2007, Vice President Cheney fell asleep on camera while President Bush was discussing wildfires in California.

A Cheney spokeswoman "laughed it off" telling CNN that the Vice President was "practicing meditation." CNN's chyron reported that Cheney was seen "meditating" - rather than sleeping - during the Cabinet meeting.

Saturday, February 23, 2008



· Nasib umat islam terbela
· Pemimpin ditaati dan diyakini
· Umat islam bersatu-padu
· Agama islam tersebar luas
· Niat dan amalan berpadu
· Tamadun terbina kukuh
· Masyarakat islam dihormati
· Ekonomi berkembang pesat


· Ditakuti oleh bukan Islam - Konsep Negara Islam PAS ditentang oleh DAP. Langkah mayat dahulu baru boleh tegakkan Negara Islam(Karpal Singh VS Haji Hadi 1990-an)

· Memaki hamum pemimpin – Oang Utan (Kata nik aziz panas lagi), penjaga kaldai dan sebagainya (kata Haji Hadi 2003).

· memecahbelahkan sesama Islam – sembahyang dua imam, tak sah makan daging sembelihan orang UMNO, mengkafirkan sesama Islam kerana kerana menyokong UMNO (Amanat Haji Hadi tahun 1985)

· mencela sesama Islam – kafir-mengkafi, cerai berai kerana berbeza politik, undi PAS masuk syurga, dihalalkan bunuh orang UMNO

· cakap tak serupa bikin – berkawan dengan setan (Nik Aziz), Tuhan mencarut (Nik Aziz), manusia sama dengan orang utan(Nik Aziz mengembangkan teori DARWIN, manusia berasal dari berokera), Negara Kebajikan (Minta derma pakai ketayap), amanah dalam pengurusan kekayaan Negara (ambil duit tati, KUSZA, gunakan TDM untuk membiayai program peribadi, cetak bahan penerbitan dengan pencetak bukan bumiputEra di Cheras sedangkan Percetakan Yayasan Islam Terengganu adalah hak milik kerajaan negeri ).

· Ekonomi haru biru – buat KORIDOR DEPU tipu rakyat (suntikan hormon RM 7,000 sekali, 8 tahun baru berhasil), wang derma tak pernah audit dan isytihar

· Buat Masjid tak pernah siap, kutip derma setiap kali berceramah (di Penarik)

· mengajak demonstrasi jalanan, mewujudkan ketakutan orang ramai(fatwa Haji Hadi panas lagi)

· Bandar raya Islam(Kota Bahru) busuk, kotor, berdebu

· aurat terjaga tapi hati busuk, tutur kata penuh sinis dan cemohan

· menjumudkan pemikiran rakyat dan menyekat perkembangan ilmu pengetahuna – halau pelajar tadika, tutup kelas-kelas tadika(Kg Paya Berenjut, Kemaman dan beberapa tempat di Terengganu)

· Tuduh masyarakat semakin rosak akhlak, anak remaja kelahiran serambi mekah mengadakan hubungan seks dengan binatang (kes remaja di Bachok, Kelantan)

Lalu bagaimana, mari kita rawat dalam Pilihan Raya Ke-12 pada 8 mac 2008:

Orang Pas dan suku sakatnya kerana tidak muhasabah diri sebelum mengatakan orang lain. Lebih ketam daripada ketam sebenar.


Dalam banyak-banyak mabuk, mabuk perasaanlah yang paling sukar untuk diubati. banyak doktor akui bahawa emosilah yang akan menentukan sikap dan tindakan kita. maka emosilah yang menentukan PAS untuk terus berkuasa mengekalkan Kelantan dan menawan beberapa negeri lain dengan tipu helah atau kelentongnya.

Terbaru kelentong negara berkebajikan. dengar sedap, sesekali terasa bagaikan menjual burung terbang. belum pun dapat tangkap, baru pasang jerat dah ada pembeli yang kempunan.

PAS parang jerat, jika memerintah akan dibentuklah Negara berkebajikan. Wah,wah selama 18 tahun dok khobek kelate tak ada pun kebjikan yang dibuat. Yang banyaknya maki hamun dan menagih wang oreang ramai. Pantang ada ceramah, tadah kopiah atau kopi milo jaja minta sumbangan.

Wak ghi mane duit wahai Tok Guru (Nik Aziz), Tok Haji (Hadi Awang), Tok Putar-putar (Mustapha Ali), Tok Nebeng (Husam), Tok Karut (Mat Sabun, eh,eh silap Mat Sabu le?), Mok Chai (Dr. Lo’Lo’, pakar buat lolok), tidak pernah isytihar. Kalau duit yang didermakan tak tahu nak kira dan beritahu berapa yang dapat, bagaimana nak buat kebajikan. Ya le, kebajikan puak-puak dia aje, ada-ada aje alasannya.

Tok Haji setiap hari Jumaat berceramah, mengajar dan sebagainya. Bagus lah, kita tumpang dengar dan belajar. Dah bertahun kita tengok, cakap Tok Haji memang kelas, tapi sayangnya Tok Haji tak buat apa yang Tok Haji ajar. Tok Haji dah berapa tahun tak siap masjid kat Rusila. Nak kata duit tak ada, setiap kali Tok Haji mengajar orang derma. Masjid tak siap juga. Ko Tok Haji buat belanja bini muda yang cun melecun, kerana Tok Haji tak ada kerja lain. Nak kekah duit derma.

Serupa dengan sifat sabun. Bahan pencuci yang sentiasa di beli oleh surirumah untuk membasuh. Itu dia perangan Mat Sabu, dia cakap seperti sabun. Dia cuci semua apa yang orang lain cakap, walaupun cakap orang lain itu bersih, segar dan harum semerbak beribu-ribu limau. Dia tetap kata limau itu baunya busuk, kerana kalau wangi sabunnya tak laku. Kesian, dia; kesian dia. Tak payah le, sabunkan norma seorang cukup le? Tak payah sabunkan orang lain lagi, orang lain pun tahu jaga kebersihan.

Nak buat kebajikan. Nak tubuh negara kebajikan. Kebajikan anak buah pun tak tahu nak jaga. Kerana itulah abang sendiri pun tak percaya lagi wahai Tok Putar-putar. Kalaulah banyak duit, belilah tanah banyak-banyak buat bangunan tinggi-tinggi kemudian bagi le sewa mahal-mahal atas alasan kebajikan kononnya, kebajikan poket sendiri.

Huh, berapa sewa deretan rumah kedai yang Mydin Supermarket sewa kat Kuala Ibai...........Patut buat le sekolah agama ke, buat le rumah anak-anak yatim ke, buat le rumah orang-orang tua dan bakal nyanyuk, sediakanlah rumah untuk ibu tunggal kerana kat terengganu ramai dok oh.

Tak payah tipu, orang ramai tahu apa yang PAS buat semasa perintah Terengganu. Bukan orang tak tahu, Tok Guru kuat tidur dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri pun tidur sampai tak sedang meleleh air liur. basi. Apa Tok Haji buat dengan penduduk pesisir pantai yang hanya menunggu tsunami. Rumah mereka berhampiran Rhu Rendang tempat Tok Haji hari Jumaat mengajar semakin uzur. Patutnya Tok Haji baiki rumah mereka. Tunjukkan teladan, barulah orang lain percaya dan yakin Tok Haji buat apa yang Tok Haji katakan.

Tok Haji banyak pelawak. Pelawak yang bergaya buat masa ini ialah Tok Haji sendiri. Kerajaan adil, tapi galakkan perhimpunan jalanan. Itu kerja Tok Haji dih. Kalau Tok Haji adil, tok Haji bahagi-bahagikanlah duit sumbangan dalam kopiah yang juak-juak Tok Haji tadah setiap kali berceramah. Bagi le, jange dok makang sorang. Jange le dok kata nak bina masjid. Masjid tak pernah siap, dengar-dengar ada seorang lagi Tok Haji mengintai nak buat bini.

Mana betul, Tok Haji nak buat, Tok Nebeng akui tidak dapat buat kerana PAS hanya bertanding 65 kerusi parlimen. Ada 222, kalau menang semuanya, Tok Haji tak boleh buat apa lagi. Bila tidak cukup kuasa, Tok Haji buat helah lagi seperti pernah kata dulu nak buat Hukum Hudud. Mana dia, hukum dut-dut (silap le, hukum kutip duit duit) ada le. Duit Kusza masuk akaun negeri. Duit Tati masuk akaun negeri. Ada ”penyamun” sepatutnya para pelajar yang dapat.

Berapa banyak Tok Haji kikis duit TDM melalui jalan sulit. TDM plantation, kenapa sepanjang Tok Haji pegang negeri Terengganu setiap percetakan bahan promosi negeri tak diberikan kepada Percetakan Yayasan Terengganu. Puak-puak Tok Haji hantar ke Kuala Lumpur, cetak di Cheras, Pudu ataupun Brickfield. Percetakan milik kerajaan negeri yang Tok Haji jadi ketua kerugian dan tidak ada pendapatan. Kerana suku sakat Tok Haji tak dapat imbuhan atau apa pun. Masuk akaun syarikat, bukan akaun lain, atau poket (siapa?).

Kalau kambing tengok pun kambing malu dengan perangai puak-puak Tok Haji. Berak besar sangat, tapi baunya semerbak sampai ke Bangkok. Puak-puak Tok Haji pergi Bangkok cari pompuan siam bila poket gemuk sikit bersama percetakan milik bukan bumiputera yang diberikan projek. Tak sah kata kat orang lain, kalau bau sendiri pun busuk dan .....berangan-angan negara kebajikan. Buat kebajikan, bagus le. Tapi jangan sampai gaji bajingan.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Like father like son? Chua Tee Yong hopes to capitalize on his father Dr Chua Soi Lek’s - experience and knowledge to guide him in his political career. The question remains: Is the experience and knowledge he referred to including the political incident of the sex DVD scandal of his father?

The second son of former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has been tasked with contesting the parliamentary seat Labis held by his father. Chua Tee Yong, 31, takes his first step into the political arena after he was named to contest in the Labis parliamentary seat by Johor Barisan Nasional and Tee Yong's candidature is purely based on his capabilities.

The question remains: Political nepotism, it would seem, is getting common in Malaysia as some seats in the general elections are being “passed” from one generation to another, as though they are family businesses, so is Tee Yong's case is one of the typical examples?

By the way, Tee Yong, 31, a chief financial officer, will contest the Labis parliamentary seat, formerly held by his father before the latter resigned from his Cabinet and party posts following the uncovering of his sex DVD scandal.

“I hope I will not disappoint anyone and continue to remain humble and work hard to win the election,” he said.

“I am willing to learn and do my best to serve the people,” said the chief financial officer, who is Johor MCA’s youngest candidate.

Tee Yong said the people had been receptive of him so far. “They have been nice to me and we shake hands when I reach out to them,” said Tee Yong, who is married with a young child.

Dr Chua resigned from all his posts following a sex DVD scandal.

It looks like former health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek will be very much in the campaign spotlight even though he is not contesting.


Politics is an art of impossible. Incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan has announced a change of heart - she wants to defend the seat in the general election. It is a surprising turn around. Will Transport Minister and MCA deputy president Chan Kong Choy too has a dramatic reversal after formal announcement citing health reason not to re-contest the Selayang parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election?

Just five days after her Sunday shocker that she would be withdrawing from the contest, Fong Po Kuan said the outpouring of support from her constituents had convinced her that she should not drop out of the race.

"Their immense support touched me deeply and brought about the thought that I must not fail them.

"It made me realise it was not a wise decision," she told a packed press conference at the Ipoh Timor DAP operations centre here on Friday.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Dato’ Najib mengisytiharkan tahun 2008 tahun merawat Kelantan. Riuh rendah puak-puak dewa Kelantan marah dan bertanya, Siapa yang sakit dan apa sakitnya?

Husam Musa tanya ”siapa sebenarnya tidak berapa sihat?” Sesekali saya teringat kisah perjalanan ke Kelantan sama ada untuk bercuti ataupun kerja luar, memangnya masyarakat Kelantan sedang sakit.Penyakitnya amat banyak sekali. Kalau kita dengar cerita atau tanya ramai anak muda Kelantan yang merunsingkan mereka ialah tidak ada pekerjaan. Apa hubungannya tiada pekerjaan dengan kesihatan. Itu pun takkan Husam tak dapat bayangkan. Kalau tidak dapat jawab,berhentilah jadi Yang Berhormat. Pakailah label, Yang Tak Dihormati.

Husam mungkin malu nak mengaku, berapa ramai anak muda Kelantan dihidapi AIDS dan ramai di antaranya telah meninggal. Mungkin dia akan kata, negeri lain pun ramai juga pengidapnya.

Tapi negeri lain tidak pernah mengaku serambi Mekah. Maknanya yang selalu mendabik dada sebagai ”paling beragama” yang menjadi penanda aras kerna AIDS itu berpunca daripada amalan kehidupan yang kurang sihat.

Aids ada hubungan dengan perkongsian jarum oleh penagih dan hubungan seks bebas. Kelantan dekat dengan syurga lelaki gatal yang tak pernah cukup dengan seorang isteri di rumah.

Dadah senang dapat, kalau disekat melalui jalan darat, boleh diterobos ikut jalan laut. Siapa nak sekat dari Tatbai ke Tumpat meredah Sungai Golok dan Laut China Selatan. Kenapa mangsanya ramai anak muda pesisir pantai yang bekerja sebagai nelayan?

Mungkin Husam lupa, tapi saya cuba ingatkan. Remaja di Kelantan pernah melakukan hubungan seks dengan binatang (kambing). Tidakkah boleh dianggap remaja tersebut sakit? Kalau tak sakit takkanlah dia buat itu.

Husam mungkin pejamkan mata dan pekakkan telinga apabila Tok Guru kata PAS boleh berkawan dengan setan. Di mana fatwa sahih yang diambil oleh Tok Guru sedangkan kita diajarkan supaya melawan dan menjauhi setan. Tapi Tok Guru nak berkawan.

Maka tak heranlah Tok Guru samakan ahli UMNO dengan orang utan. Maka jawablah Khairy, orang PAS sama dengan monyet. Kenapa orang PAS marah bila pelabelan itu dikembalikan kepada PAS.?

PAS juga mungkin terlupa, Tok Guru kata Tuhan pernah mencaci dan memaki hamun. Sampai sekarang Tok Guru tak buktikan keceluparan itu. Kenapa? Hai Husam, tak payahlah main sorok-sorok atau lempar batu sembunyi tangan. Sejarah mengajar kita, dan sejarah memerihalkan segala-galanya yang pernah berlaku dan dilakukan oleh kita. Baik atau buruk, kitalah pelakonnya.

Husam janganlah terlalu kusut dan masam. Terimalah kerana budaya kita banyak menggunakan binatang sebagai perumpamaan, alegori atau personifikasi bagi menggambarkan sesuatu perlakuan. Mungkin Husam lupa apabila nenek kita mengibaratkan orang yang disisih sebagai ”anjing kurap”.

Mungkin Husam ingin melenyapkan ungkapan rakyat Kelantan sebagai kata-kata sapaan apabila nak menggambarkan perangai dungu : Beruk Mat Yeh. Lupakah?

Kelantan memangnya perlu dirawat. Kita sedia maklumat diagnosis berikut perlu dilakukan jika inginkan rakyat Kelantan sihat dan sejahtera:

Pertama: Rawatlah bekalan air. Air merupakan keperluan asas yang tidak boleh diketepikan kerana tanpa air bersih kesihatan terjejas. Tanpa air bersih, rakyat Kelantan akan diserang cirit birit.

Kedua: Rawatlah perangai orang Kelantan yang suka ”cah keting”. Dengki bila lihat orang lain di atas, sanggup ”kocak jula” biar jatuh ”bedebuk”.

Ketiga: Rawatlah kaedah berfikir masyarakat Kelantan yang terlalu taksub dan kini masih percaya ’sokong PAS akan masuk syurga” Benarkah syurga itu diciptakan oleh penyokong PAS dan bukannya untuk mereka yang sentiasa mengingati Allah dan mengerjakan amal soleh? Bukankah syurga itu untuk ”orang-orang yang beriman”.

Keempat: Tok Guru memang sakit. Berilah peluang Tok Guru beristirehat dan janganlah paksa Tok Guru tercungap-cungap mempromosikan PAS yang semakin tenat. Janganlah bebankan Tok Guru dengan usaha mencari sumber kewangan bagi mentadbir negeri yang semakin kekeringan kantongnya.

Kelima: Rawatlah kaedah pembangunan ekonomi negeri apabila mempromosikan tanaman depu. Memangnya rison dep mahal harganya. Tapi tak payah tipu rakyat, berapa lama perlu tunggu pokok depu untuk menghasilkan rison yang mahal itu. Untuk dapatkan hasil, pokok yang berusia lapan tahun kena suntik.

Satu suntikan berharga RM 7,000. Kalau tak jadi, hormon tersebut perlu disuntik lagi. Jawabnya, sekilogram harganya RM 8,000. Tiga empat pokok baru dapat sekilogram rison. Berbaloikah? Boleh tipu rakyat, tapi tak leh nak ghoyat bila oghe tanya banyak.

Keenam: nasihatlah anak-anak muda Kelantan yang berada di luar untuk belajar ataupun mencari pekerjaan. Berapa ramai ”mek-mek” kena tangkap kerana mencari duit lebih sebagai GRO.

Berapa ramai ”awe-awe” jadi penipu kerana ghairah mencari duit belanja. Memangnya, ada juga bukan oghe Kelantan yang terlibat. Tapi mereka bukanlah anak-anak yang dilahirkan oleh Serambi Mekah.

Ketujuh: Bak po demo kecek bendo tak molek. Oghe kelate molek-molek belako, tapi demo tak gheti gheti kalu oghe ghoyat tak se dengar. Itulah perangai yang perlu dirawat. Sesungguhnya sesuatu yang baik itu ada di mana-mana dan dilakukan oleh semua orang sama ada UMNO atau PAS.

Yang penting ialah mengambil yang baik dan yang buruk jadikan sempadan. Demo dak, oghe lain semua tak molek. Jangan lupa kisah Hang Nadim, budak pintar yang berjaya menyelamatkan Singapura dari dilanggar todak.

Inilah yang sakit. Inilah yang perlu dirawat. Banyak sangat gelewetnya pemikiran oghe kelantan, yang sentiasa diasak dan dipropagandakan oleh PAS atas nama Islam. Bandar Raya Islam, tapi haprak. Sampah, kotor, busuk, berdebu,tak payah sembunyikan di sebalik menutup aurat tapi hati tak bersih. Rawatlah hati, biar tidak menderita dan terjerumus ke lembah kehinaan dan kesengsaraan.

Musafir al-Kelantani.

21 Februari 2008.