Thursday, February 28, 2008


The Penang based Gerakan-led BN has adopted the 'Keep Reinventing' slogan as its motto for the March 8 general election. But it has backfired with opposition party DAP exploiting every opportunity to turn the tables on its political rival by manipulating the Mandarin version slogan.

By exploiting the scenario, DAP had cheekily erected banners carrying the words 'Vote DAP' on each of the white-and-blue 'Keep Reinventing' BN banners with the bad intention to misled to be DAP banners pleading for votes.

Tactically, the Penang Barisan Nasional has taken the defensive measure immediately after its election slogan ‘Keep Reinventing’ was backfired following exploitation by the rival DAP.

Most of the Mandarin banners were removed immediately and replaced with new ones carrying the slogan that the electorate should not be fooled by DAP as their leaders will ‘disappear’ after being elected.

The 'Keep Reinventing' slogan adopted by the state BN as its motto for the March 8 general election is to show that the Gerakan-led state government has been constantly improving itself from good to better and that the ruling party has been able to keep up with the changing times after being in power for almost 40 years.

The slogan was designed to remind the Penangites how much the island state has transformed over the past half century and these changes could only continue by electing BN into the state government.

The questions remain: Is the manipulating action taken by DAP is unethical? Is it reflecting the opportunist nature of DAP and insulting Malaysian especially Penangites’s intelligence? Is it it reflected the DAP childish mentality like Roketkid?

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dun play play..........lah.......
Roketkid? roket is a small kid, can't trust or not.........