Saturday, January 18, 2014

Italian Nun Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Is the World Upside Down?

The world seems to be turned upside down! Its miracle or impossible, but is happening, a Nun who gave birth in Italy is unaware of pregnancy.
The questions arise: Why can’t nun has sex and what would happen if a nun has sex?

A 31-year-old nun has given birth to a baby boy in the small Italian city of Rieti, after experiencing abdominal pains she thought were stomach cramps.

After she was taken to a hospital, she gave birth to a baby and named him Francis after the current pope. The nun, originally from El Salvador, claims she had no idea she was pregnant.

The sister belongs to a convent which is located near the city of Rieti, which has a population of 47,700.

The nun belongs to the "Little Disciples of Jesus'' convent in Campomoro near Rieti, which manages an old people's home.

As news of the nun's pregnancy has spread, the mayor of Rieti, Simone Petrangi, asked local residents and media to give the woman privacy.

Clothes and donations have been collected and sent to the hospital where she gave birth.

"I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain," she told the Ansa news agency.

Other nuns at the convent also expressed shock at the mysterious pregnancy of a holy sister at their order, saying they were "very surprised", according to Italian media reports.

Don Fabrizio Borrelio, a local pastor, says he believes that the nun is telling the truth about being unaware of her pregnancy. He said the nun plans to take care of the baby herself.

The results of a study on reproductive health, published in the British Medical Journal, revealed that one in 200 US women claim to have given birth without ever having had sexual intercourse.

The BMJ reports that of the women who took part in the study, 45 (0.5%) reported at least one virgin pregnancy, "unrelated to the use of assisted reproductive technology".

They claim to have conceived without vaginal intercourse or in-vitriol fertilization (IVF).

The BMJ article notes that virgin births, or parthenogenesis (from the Greek parthenos for virgin and genesis for birth), can occur in non-humans as a consequence of "a sexual reproduction, where growth and development of the embryo occurs without fertilization".

However, the authors of the study, entitled "Like a virgin (mother)", warn that researchers need to take into account the possibility of fallible memory on the part of respondents.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Khairy: Some BN leaders “Syok Sendiri” online

If we say someone is “Syok Sendiri”, we mean that someone allowing himself to have or do the things he enjoys very much but are not essential.
It’s an interesting statement that “BN’s social media strategy has been ineffective as some BN leaders had the tendency to be ‘syok sendiri’ in their online engagement.”

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has lamented that BN’s social media strategy has been ineffective as some BN leaders had the tendency to be ‘syok sendiri’ (self-indulgent) in their online engagement.

“I see many BN leaders – forgive me for saying this – even though they are active on social media, they only speak to their followers, not to outsiders or independents.

“They think that their own sentiment is the national sentiment. That is wrong.

“That proves that our social media strategy has been ineffective. (BN leaders) speak to their own people and ‘syok sendiri’ while the opposition try to reach out to the people in general,” Khairy was quoted as saying in a Berita Harian interview today.

He also acknowledged that attacks against the families of politicians on social media were unavoidable.

“As a politician, I advise my family to live moderately. When we are chosen as a politician, a minister or the likes, our families have to play their role.

“If we want to live freely, then do not be a politician,” he was quoted as saying.

Khairy said in the interview that the rakyat’s anger over the price hikes is real and urged leaders not to make statements that will hurt the rakyat’s feelings.

He added that the government should heed former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s advice that it should cut more costs instead of increasing prices.

When asked whether the government’s current cost-cutting measures were enough, he said more was to come and volunteered to have his own pay docked.

He also reiterated that Umno Youth has not become ‘tame’, but is more focused on performance rather than rhetoric.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ranau- almost entirely Dusun ethnic community

Ranau is 108 km east of Kota Kinabalu and noted for its tourism and highlands agriculture. As the height is 1176 m, it's the largest producer of highland vegetables in Sabah.

The population of the district was 94092 as in 2010 and the population almost entirely Dusun ethnic community.

According to record, Ranau was the home to the largest mining project in Malaysia, the Mamut Copper Mine before it ceased operations in 1999. At the peak of operation, Ranau was transformed into township and made donations to school building funds, buses, and bus shelters.