Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr Mansor won but with 46.15% historic low turnout

Dr. Mansor Othman won Penanti by-election with 5,558 majority, a whopping 6,052 out of the total of 7,100 votes and all three independents lost their deposits.

Only 7,100 people cast their votes in what is a historic low turnout - only 46.15 %. In the March 2008 general election, 82.13 % of the registered voters cast their ballots. There were a total of 15,384 registered voters in the constituency.

Nai Khan Ari, an independent who received just 494 votes while Aminah Abdullah took 392 votes. The final turn out today was 7,100 voters.

The reduced interest in voting is most likely due to BN supporters not coming out to vote in the by-election as BN is not contesting.

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