Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pas retains Manik Urai seat

PAS has retained the Manek Urai state seat by a wafer-thin margin of 65, or 0.61 per cent of votes cast.

The close win clearly showed Najib's good leadership despite the constituency being a PAS stronghold in a PAS-controlled state which PAS would have won a greater majority.

It also indicated Nik Aziz's influence was diminishing and the internal crisis of PAS.

Its candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah defeated Barisan Nasional's Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat with a majority vote of 65, in a by-election today.

Mohd Fauzi, 50, polled 5,348 votes while Tuan Aziz, 39, obtained 5,283 votes.

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