Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nazri tells Utusan to stop racist agenda

Umno maverick Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has continued to condemn Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country.

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz

It's amazing but understandably it was seen by political analysts as a correct political move and most welcome as the public is frustrated with the Utusan. It was noted that Utusan had come under increasing fire from politicians and the public over alleged ethical infractions. They appear to be more willing to publicly criticize the daily besides making reports to the police.

Politically, it was claimed that the alleged move by Utusan to publish highly sensitive and demeaning articles against the non-Malays not only insulting them but would directly or indirectly benefit the opposition.

Ironically, the media should report factual matters accurately without bias and controversial issues fairly. But in reality, media always is being used by politicians to gain public legitimacy and support.

Undeniably, it was claimed that certain media chose the specific groups as the target of their hate. It seems that their sensitivity to race has recently been heightened. We’ve routinely heard that politician and their allies in the media always stirring up controversy for political gain.

Nevertheless, due to the highly political nature of the issues, the strategy of stirring up controversy often seems to be the most effective tactics to gain access to core the political routines. However, in a multi- ethnic society, it is by far one of the most difficult to handle politically, the whole strategy would backfire.

A close looks at the impact of the most painful aspects made by Utusan which was termed by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz as “outdated” racist propaganda. It was claimed that at its most extreme besides a rather dubious in regard to race relations and bias were to be found in the discriminatory propaganda which is advantages to opposition parties.

It was claimed by certain political analysts that Utusan is considered being Umno's mouthpiece and its race-soaked invectives should not be repeatedly taken out of context and deliberately misunderstood. In fact, there certainly would have been deliverable used as a tool to usurp the political support for Najib and not otherwise. It has been said that politics as the art of making the impossible. Is it possible for the member of the party they belonged to do so?

It has been reported that the statement presented by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz’s was a correct political move and most welcome by certain quarters. What do you think of his statement?


Anonymous said...

another wayang kulit?

Anonymous said...

This action reflects the true color of Utusan.You see, Nazri also condemn it