Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Opposition losing Malay support in Perak

It was reported that Pakatan Rakyat has admitted to seeing a slight drop in Malay electoral support in Perak, almost a year after Barisan Nasional's controversial coup plunged the state into a crisis.

Ousted Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said that, based on a survey, Pakatan has lost about 7-8 percent of the Malay electorate in Perak.

He said, the decline has been particularly significant in rural areas which Pakatan has not been able to penetrate successfully.

“This is because the alternative media has not been able to challenge the traditional media like Utusan Malaysia and other newspapers.

"So we reverted to trying to maintain the status quo…but unfortunately, BN has menggula-gulakan (given sweeteners) to village folk.

During festive seasons, BN also made a concerted effort to meet the people in remote areas by giving a lot of goodies.

Conceding failure in luring back support, Nizar attributed this to two main issues that are “close to the Malay heart”.

The first was the allegation that Perak Pakatan had been 'giving face to the Chinese and has become a stooge of (Chinese-majority) DAP'.

“The second issue is that I had committed treased with regard to the palace, to the sultan.”

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