Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doing the extremists' dirty work

Prime Minister Najib Razak said desecration of houses of worship and dumping severed pig heads at mosques did not reflect 1Malaysia's failure. Rather, such incidents showed that there was a need for such a concept for Malaysians.

He said the torching of churches and surau and dumping pig heads at mosques might be the work of extremists.

Ironically, the political beliefs of the extremists are not widely shared even within their own radical societies. It is largely rhetorical and has strategic plans to carry out violent acts.

It can be argued that in the everlasting multi-racial society conflict for instance - the right to live without fear and intimidation and the right to dignity are against the work of extremists to create hatred and anti-racism environment.

Bound together by the desire for peace and prosperity of better future, various races of Malaysian can overcoming differences under 1 Malaysia.

However, the question of how to overcoming racial differences are still much debated.

Whether or not we believe, the fact remains that the best selected remedy to overcome racial differences are still 1Malaysia.

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