Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should G Palanivel Be Field By BN?

For most voters, candidate dominated by the party to contest the by-election no doubt play an important role but it should not pose a big problem to the parties concern.

Ironically, it is the terrifying velocity of the mood swing of the voters especially the dissatisfying members of the party.

The contesting parties need to be really careful that they are listening, especially to those independent voters the candidate to be field. And clearly, if the independent voters do not support what the party has done so far, to win the victory remain a question. We must not be seemed as impervious to reality especially when the election showed a narrowing race.

By far, to win the victory in the Hulu Selangor by-election parliamentary by-election, it is straight fight between Barisan Nasional and PKR. The race is on whom can win over independent voters and the key questions will be which party can do it and which party’s dominant ideological base will try to put a stop to efforts to broaden its party’s coalition.

BN deputy chairperson Muhyiddin is scheduled to announce the candidate on April 15, but it has been reported that he is in favour for MIC Youth deputy chief V Mugilan as the candidate.

This has drawn widespread opposition from the MIC grassroots, with leaders from 18 out of 22 party divisions in Selangor.

MIC leaders had made their objections known and insisted Palanivel who is MIC deputy president and Hulu Selangor division chief must be fielded.

The candidacy problem although is too big and too important to be solved but ultimately the problem had to be solved by BN.

The question remains; Should G Palanivel be field by BN?

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