Friday, August 27, 2010

PM: “zero-tolerance” policy towards racism

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak moved today to dispel any notion that the government was not acting impartially against those fanning racial tensions in the country, following a number of incidents and articles in the local media.

“No one should twist the issue into a racial angle as if the government practices selective prosecution,”

He said there were short-text messages circulating which were spreading half-truths with the purpose of fanning racial tension.

The Umno president said these messages claim that the government actions favored one race over another.

He stressed that action will be taken those making statement that reeks of racism, including those that leads to destruction on property regardless of whether it involves churches or suraus.

Najib said the ruling bloc will not stand for racist remarks from anyone. This was the prime minister’s first response to a heated debate surrounding two school heads for the past two weeks.

Earlier this month, two Malay school principals in Johor and Kedah sparked a public furore when it was reported that they had made racist remarks aimed at their ethnic Chinese and Indian students.

Najib said his administration must adopt a “zero-tolerance” policy towards racism and will take immediate action against those found to have made racial slurs.

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