Thursday, September 2, 2010

PM: mainstream media should report news based on facts to remain relevant

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak asked the mainstream media to continue reporting news based on facts to remain relevant with the people.

He said the mainstream media was now faced with intense competition from new media like blogs and websites that were more based on the perspective of the individual and did not provide news based on accurate facts.

As such, he said, the mainstream media needed to be more creative and innovative in presenting the news in order to continue to gain acceptance by the people.

"If we follow the mainstream media, we will know intuitively that the reporting cannot be disputed, in terms of fact or perspective, because the basis is facts.

"As such, I wish to encourage the mainstream media to hold fast to its role as providers of factual based reporting and well-thought out opinions, intellectual and based on the actual facts" he added.

Najib said the people must have the ability to evaluate the strengths of the mainstream media which has been able to keep up to date with changes in information communication technology.

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