Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flying Squad to curb illegal logging

Flying Squad in Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia is the forest law enforcement unit to in curb illegal logging. Assessment of the effectiveness of existing controls to estimate the level of illegal logging is based on data.

According to Datuk Razani Ujang, Director General of Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia, from 2006 until 2009, a total of 144 people were arrested for involvement in illegal logging activities, while 226 units of machinery and heavy equipment were seized by the Enforcement Division of the Forestry Department.

Datuk Razani Ujang, Director General of Forestry Dept. Peninsular M'sia

Compound collections that have been imposed on offenders were RM11.2 million.

Under the law, all forest produce are the property of the State Authorities and only those with permission are allowed to enter and extract the forest produce.

Forests are under the responsibility of the states as enshrined in the Malaysian Federal Constitution. Under Article 74(12) of the Federal Constitution, land and forest ownership and management is the responsibility of the State governments.

The executive authority of the Federal Government only extends to the provision of advice and technical assistance to the States, training and the conduct of research, unless the State agrees to delegate some of their authority to the Federal Government.

However, the Federal Government is respo
nsible for trade policies, import and export controls and international cooperation among others. The Enforcement Unit at the Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia coordinates and supports the enforcement actions undertaken by the Forest Operations Division at the State Forest Departments of Peninsular Malaysia only.

Zahari Ibrahim, head of Flying Squad

The challenge of sustainability management of production forests faces highly complex processes. It is interesting to note that Forestry Department has taken various measures in curbing illegal logging.

Let’s see what Datuk Razani Ujang, Director General of Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia and Zahari Ibrahim, head of Flying Squad said about the modus operandi on Corporate Illegal Logging and the issues to the Star, the biggest circulation newspaper in Malaysia.

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