Tuesday, September 4, 2012

19-year old pregnant woman allegedly assaulted by husband

By all means, the one incite violence against woman should be punished and hard actions should be taken against him.



 Videos show the young man pulling pregnant woman’s hair, slamming her  and choking her.

Two recordings taken from the shop's closed-circuit television camera showed the 19-year-old pregnant woman being slapped, pushed around, and pinned on a sofa and on the ground by her husband clad in a pink shirt in her shop at Ipoh Garden South.

Both the videos, which are 11.49 minutes and 11.32 minutes in length, were posted by the victim Amanda Fong on her Facebook account on Aug 30 and Aug 31 goes viral online.

In the videos, the young man can be seen pulling her hair, slamming her on the floor, sitting on her, choking her and dragging her across the room.  Although she is seen trying to retaliate, she is unable to overcome her attacker. She gets up at one point to go to the toilet as she needed to throw up. However, the bashing continued as soon as she returned. 

Unable to fight back in her weak state, she crawled to the glass door entrance to call for help as she was seen trapped in a secured shop. Only after her mother arrived, did the man stop long enough for her to reach the remote control to the door and stumbled out. The whole episode was posted by the woman herself who also claimed that their business was sieged by the husband in question.

She also claimed that, “This is the second session after I came out from the toilet after vomiting. As you can see in this video again he wouldn’t allow me to exit my shop & he snatches my phone from calling my mother & even beat me with the phone…”

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