Monday, December 24, 2012

Will public declaration of assets by politicians jeopardise their chances of winning the coming 13th general election?

A public declaration of assets by potential election candidates is to hold politicians accountable for their actions. It claimed that it’s a moral reason to show that those involved are not corrupt and is a needed action to fight corruption effectively. 

Indeed, it’s an ever-growing number of the governments to adopt a morally anti-corruption practice that required the politicians to declare their assets and liabilities.

As the public are increasingly recognize the importance of assets disclosure in the enhancement of transparency on the part of those politicians in power who are entrusted with public property and resources. Practically, it serves as an effective way in detecting the sources of corruption and the conflict of personal interest. Those who have little to hide and are not likely to involve in corruption are supporting the action and those have something in hiding under their sleeves are otherwise.

In honor of the fact that, if the politicians in power have nothing to hide, shouldn’t they afraid to declare what they honestly accumulated over the years they are in politics.

It’s somewhat ironic but arguably that politics is the simplest ways to build wealth, however there appear an overwhelming need have emerge to hawkishly protest the country’s rich resources being exploited by those callously and fraudulently politicians for personally benefits.

The public flexes its muscle to support the call for public declaration of assets and not merely just campaign rhetoric. It would seem to them, it's time to walk the talk in fighting the corruption from within or marked the end of the talk.

It is important to note that the existence of openness and transparency about the assets and liabilities of the politicians is vital while the country is moving forward. The public in general, would be able to monitor aggressively and prevent the way and manner the politician unethically and corruptly accumulate their wealth and fortune.

Undeniably, it appealed as the barometer to measure and monitor the financial dealings of the politicians to those feeling suffocated in the political mainstream in fighting corruption which gaining them many followers.

The wrong perception to doubt the popular characterization of all politicians as massively corrupted is arguably modest and statistically fragile needed to be proven, but not hidden otherwise. 

It seems that its one of the strict measures that would be taken in ensuring that politicians show some accountability to the public. It will paint a good image and show the integrity of the ruling government and capability of the law enforcing units in fighting corruption and safeguarding of the politicians.

Noticeably, the public are unconvinced and feel unjustified by the standing of several politicians who hold the school of though and have said that a public declaration of assets by potential election candidates may jeopardize their safety, ahead of what is expected to be the country’s most intensely-fought 13th general election. 

The question remains: Will the public declaration of assets by politicians to voters jeopardize their chances of winning the coming 13th general election?

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