Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sekinchan – the rice bowl of Selangor

Sekinchan, a well-known rice bowl of Selangor and a small fishing village is just under 2 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Located in the fishing village of Sekinchan, the 52 seafood restaurants offer their well-known Teochew cooking style of seafood.  

Sekinchan, which literally means "village suitable for plantation" in Chinese, is well known as the rice bowl of Selangor and one of the major rice producing places in Malaysia. 

At 8.5 tons per hectare yield, it has produced an average 2.08 million tons of paddy each year since 2006, making up almost 70% of the country’s local rice supply. Almost 50% of the 9,642 farmers working on more than 19,000 hectare of land in Selangor are from Sekinchan.

A fishing village, Sekinchan has 350 fishermen, but it is more widely recognized as a famous paddy production area instead of a fishing village. The vast tracts of paddy fields are connected by roads to the town Centre with the small village located in the center of the paddy fields are well build. 

The paddy factories are open to the public with a brief overview of various stages and sections involved in producing rice. The visitors buy the rice here where it is available cheaply, often at retail but not available in the market. The other well-known product is mangoes.
Sekinchan was originally a fishing village back in the 1920s, but the villagers had been segregated from the Malayan Communist Party into village A, B, C and Bagan by the British.

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