Thursday, December 26, 2013

BN prepares to crush an ill-prepared, disjointed Pakatan in GE14

It’s an interesting analysis that Barisan Nasional looks set to win the coming GE 14. The analysis is as follows:

Ng Kee Seng believes that God helps those who help themselves. In a healthy democracy, every Malaysian has a role in politics and nation-building.

The next general election or GE14 is only due in 2018. Already, many Malaysians on Facebook (FB), the world’s most populated digital social network, are asking: Can Pakatan Rakyat make it to Putrajaya in GE14?

Depending on which side of the political divide you choose to stand, the debates or arguments are intensely partisan.

Unfortunately, to disappoint the 52 per cent of voters who gave their ballots to Pakatan in GE13, I still don’t see how Barisan Nasional can be toppled in GE14.
There are two arduous obstacles:
i.                     To bring down BN, Pakatan has to win at least 60 per cent of the popular vote, including 40 per cent of rural support. With gerrymandering, it is a gargantuan task; and
ii.                   BN’s resources and its mighty election machinery will be overwhelming.

Pakatan cannot continue to bask in its 12th and 13th general elections achievements to win GE14. That’s taking the people’s growing support for granted.
Pakatan must innovate and change its political strategy to reach out to a wider spectrum of Malaysians, especially those in rural areas.

Can “political leopards” like Pakatan de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and DAP’s “Robocop” Lim Kit Siang learn from their blundering campaign strategies in GE13 and change?

Currently, I don’t see an iota of change in them. They are still churning out rhetoric that attracts urbanites that are already with them; they should be mobilizing whatever resources and manpower available to reach out to the rural folk, clearly Pakatan’s grave political weakness.

The internal bickering within Pakatan also shows that Anwar and “Robocop” Lim are still sticking to their GE13 Malay Agenda and Chinese Agenda respectively, when they should be making decisions and implementing clear policies of a Malaysian Agenda for Pakatan.

If both Anwar and Lim continue to be in “denial mode” and refuse to change their “spots”, GE14 will be most disappointing to Malaysians who gave 52 per cent of the popular vote to Pakatan in GE13.

In fact, GE13 has jolted the Umno-led BN from its slumber and there are clear signs that it has launched concerted efforts to prepare for the next electoral battle.
Whether the efforts are morally acceptable or not is immaterial. It is about doing what it takes to win and win big in GE14. After all, anything less than GE13 for BN may mean BN is out of Putrajaya.

The above two postings found on FB clearly show the intense politicking in cyberspace. Whether or not it is the work of BN, it doesn’t matter. As long as you succeed in swaying the voters back to BN, that’s mission accomplished.

One posting shows a clearly doctored picture of Anwar with an arm around the waist of a young, attractive woman. It was posted by “1Juta Rakyat Malaysia Menyokong Kepimpinan DS Najib” (1Million Malaysians Support Datuk Seri Najib’s Leadership).

The other FB posting, obviously by a Pakatan supporter, alerts Malaysians to a recruitment drive for cyber troopers by Unit Media Baru (UMB), supposedly under the patronage of Pergerakan Pemuda Umno Malaysia (Umno Youth).

This comes less than two weeks after the 67th Umno General Assembly in which party president Najib urged the party’s Youth wing to prepare for GE14 as soon as possible.

It makes sense as the other FB posting also reminded Malaysians that Home Minister and Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi has been tasked with preparations for 2018 (GE14 is due) when there will be 8 (eight) million new Internet-savvy voters.

There are also clear signs of BN tightening the noose on Pakatan by stirring up explosive issues, all aimed at breaking the Pakatan bond.

1Melayu (aimed at consolidating and winning more Malay support), Umno-PAS unity talks, Syiah bashes and proposals for moral policing and more …

In the midst of political quagmire-plagued Malaysia, Najib may even be tempted to call for a snap GE14 to crush an ill-prepared and disjointed Pakatan.

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