Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shabery is against turning BN into a single multi-racial party

Information Minister of Malaysia Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek is against the proposal to turn Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition into a single multi-racial party as it was tantamount to dissolving Umno, which is the mainstay of the government.

He said, as an Umno member, the proposal as a cruel blow to Umno, which made it seem that the party was no longer relevant in the context of the current political scenario.

"If any Umno leader were to talk of turning BN into a single multi-racial party, it will be akin to dissolving Umno ... and it is a humiliation for Umno. I am not prepared to accept this."

Umno was still strong and relevant in the context of national development, he said, adding that Malaysia was the best progress story among countries in the region, thanks to the BN government helmed by Umno. Ahmad Shabery said the cooperation among the BN component parties was at its best for national development.

"Should there be weaknesses (in the BN), they should be rectified but there is no necessity for a structural change, the important thing was to strengthen the BN and find ways to regain the support of the people for the coalition.”

"There are ups and downs in history. Today, we see a poor performance by the BN. But it does not mean that the BN has to undergo a total change. Every time there is an economic problem, political problems may ensue."

"I believe that when the world economic situation improves, the people will come back (to the BN) because there is no government better than the BN in bringing about development and giving the people the best."

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Anonymous said...

The relevancy of racial politics in Malaysia is still can't be challenged.