Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PAS flexes its muscles again

Selangor PAS intended to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol at 7-11 outlets, mini-markets and coffee shops, is the latest political action taken by Selangor PAS.

The proposed ban was controversial and highly objectionable. The disputes and differences emerging are to the disappointment of civil society activists and ordinary people. It was said to weaken the governing coalition and providing the opportunity for BN to regain its political battle ground.

PAS flexes its muscles caused coalition partners DAP appeared locked in open dispute. PAS seems without due regard to its fellow coalition partners in essence infringes on the rights of others in the state of Selangor and would be deemed as arrogant and uncooperative.

Undeniably, PAS ideology is conflict with DAP and exposes the tussle between secular and conservative in the Pakatan Rakyat alliance. It suggests a lack of understanding of Malaysian real politics and against the spirit which its leaders have agreed upon.

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