Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Continuous tension brewing within Pakatan Rakyat

In moments when variegated political forces are pitted against each other, certain individuals come to play pivotal roles.

Anwar Ibrahim is the orthodoxy iconic which has the outstanding ability to influence as well as motivate the supporters. But can he strengthening the loose cooperation in the Pakatan Rakyat not only remain questionable but the actual answer is waiting by political analysts.

Ironically, a single symbol is very important for the party’s identity as well as the candidates of the coalition parties in contesting the polls. Without a common symbol, each candidate will have to contest on their own separate symbol.

It is very important distinction between the coalition and the rival faction, all of this has made it extremely confusing that there isn't a single symbol. Look at history as a proof, the successful political coalition only had a single symbol.

Pakatan Rakyat without the single symbol seem to be divided and can be considered as loose cooperation between PKR, DAP and PAS. Politically, in order to demand for political benefit and achieve the common interest to topper political rival Barisan Nasional, DAP and PKR are forced to ally with PAS.

It’s well known fact that DAP and PAS have been in loggerheads over their respective stand on both the formation of Islamic state and hudud laws.

In the eye of the Malaysian Chinese community, PAS are religiously fundamentalist, extremist and racist, and in many ways at loggerheads with the values upheld by Pakatan Rakyat especially DAP.

A strong believes and fears that with extreme measures such as enacting Islamic “hudud” laws, a vote for PAS may cause the Chinese to be suffered.

There has been discomfort over the re-emergence of the conservative faction of Pas in advocating the control of alcohol sales and the implementation of hudud laws.

The recent conflict and infighting concerning the Klang central bus station, local elections of village chiefs in Perak and the speculation surrounding the non-appointment as Ipoh mayor or deputy mayor of DAP's Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran just like pours oil in the fire.

These issues are especially significant and we could see continuous tension brewing within Pakatan Rakyat coalition especially between PAS and DAP just 10 months after the general election.

Would you support a problematic political coalition party that acknowledged internal conflict as a problem threatening them?

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