Friday, February 20, 2009

Karpal gets death threat, bullets in mail

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has received a death threat that he, along with his whole family, would be "annihilated".

Karpal Singh

The envelope containing the letter also had two bullets. It was delivered to Karpal's home in Jalan Utama, Penang.

Superintendent Shaharon Anuar Abdul Latif from Penang state police contingent headquarters urged everyone to be calm and warned people against spreading rumors about the case.

He said people should leave it to the police to carry out their investigations. The writer told Karpal Singh not to fool around with the Malay rulers (jangan main main) and Malays in general and also threatened to burn his entire family, adding that he knew where Karpal Singh lived.

It went on to warn him not to find trouble with the Malays if he loved his family. Otherwise, the writer threatened to annihilate Karpal and his family.

"This is a serious threat and I want the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to provide protection for me and my family.

"I have never asked for such protection, but the situation has reached a very serious level," he said.

Ironically, Malaysian politics has been relatively stable and people should appreciate it. Due to the sensitivity involved in race relation, ground rules are set in the Federal and state Constitutions.

All Malaysian especially politicians should try to use great sensitivity to the feelings of the multi-racial
Faith-Based Initiative in the Malaysian Constitution for the prosperity and stability of the country.

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