Friday, October 9, 2009

Pas' illegal stalls a nuisance

Pas supporters from outside Negri Sembilan are making a quick buck in Bagan Pinang but while inconveniencing the locals. Reported by NST.

The mushrooming of illegal stalls selling all sorts of things, from food to clothes and other party merchandise, has caused massive traffic congestion in this resort town.

Many residents are unhappy and are hoping that the local council will address the issue immediately.

G. Kumar, 35, of Taman PD Utama, said the stalls have caused traffic congestion since the start of the Bagan Pinang by-election campaign, leaving many people including himself late for work.
"Usually it takes me only 10 minutes to reach my workplace in town but because of the stalls, I have to leave my house early or spend at least half an hour in the congestion.

Ahmad Tarmizi, 55, said the stalls at the Pas operations centre have caused a lot of inconvenience for the people living near the area.

"People park their car by the side of the road without even considerating those living in the area. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to come out of our area or return home because of the massive crawl because of the stalls," he said.

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