Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mandatory inspection for vehicles above 15 years at Puspakom

New conditions under the National Automotive Policy (NAP) that makes mandatory inspection for vehicles above 15 years at Puspakom that will enforce on Jan 1.

The regulation will involve about a million vehicles, is among 18 new measures in the revised NAP to enhance the local automotive industry’s competitiveness and make for safer, more environmental-friendly and technologically sound vehicles.

Malaysia currently has 2.7 million cars on the road that are 10 years or older and the country has a very low vehicle scrap rate instead a relatively high average vehicle age.

Undeniably, to keep ill-maintained and not road worthy vehicles off the road is the responsibility of the authority, but not old ones that work perfectly especially those good roadworthy classics collector cars.

The new regulation is good for automotive industry as new car sales will go up as most people will consider it as being a longer period of ownership and resale as well as financing.

Ironically, it was claimed that the mandatory yearly inspection in order to get the road tax renewed is affecting the lower income group especially burdens used car dealers and affects their business.

The question arises: A fair sharing of the burden would have to be based on social justice, why support a policy which would have appalled them?

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