Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Risk Analysis in Forest Management

The book Risk Analysis in Forest Management edited by Klaus von Gadow presents state-of-the art research results, concepts and techniques regarding the assessment and evaluation of natural hazards and the analysis of risk and uncertainty about forest management.

It covers ecological perspectives, applications in engineering and planning as well as methods applicable to economics and policy.

 In the article “Risk Analysis as a Tool for Policy Evaluation: A Multi-Level Comparison Example” written by K. Hollenstein, he stress that Risk Analysis, although traditionally used for other purposes now can be used to address the issue of the decisions of land-use especially to assess the consequences of different options across time and space in a transparent and quantitative way.

The risk analysis provide a transparent procedure which is easy to implement on different levels and for a variety of geographical settings, it is reproducible and can be used for supporting the decision-making. 

Accordingly, one of the risk analysis approaches for policy evaluation is the flexibility in handling a variety of input information and in generating the desired output risk variables, thus the methodology is applied to a well-defined system. 

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