Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dr Mahathir is crying out for new way of political spinning

By politically targeting and tailored at PAS, Dr Mahathir has been crying out for new way of political spinning by using the “party of devil” for the benefit of ruling party Malay-Majority UMNO.

Dr Mahathir had urged the people to choose the “devil they know” rather than risk the country’s future with an “angel they don’t know”.

Uncharacteristically, can anyone do as what politicians do not only in politics but daily life? Ironically, politicians are neither devil nor angle. They can cooperate with anyone that can help them in obtaining their power.

The real times political incidents had been proven that politics is the business of getting power and privilege by all means without possessing any single merit. Politicians are creating the illusion of something out of nothing; so long the voters can believe their evil misinformation put forward.

Evil thing threaten us in ways radically from our normal daily life. Undeniably, money in politics is the root of all political evils. Often than not, evil shows its face when money talks and power walks. It has become Dirty term, and explains why evil things happen to all politicians whom can turn things around. They are Spin Doctors whom spin the things politically to aim at getting support for self-interest. 

Can the voters be convinced by all these good arguments as to why they should support the Malay-majority UMNO (devil they know) or Malay-minority PAS (angel they don’t know) as term by Dr. Mahathir is yet to be seen. 

Interestingly, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said, the PAS president is backed by the devil himself, in retaliation against Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s thinly-veiled comment about Malay-majority UMNO.

“He himself is working with the devil, that’s the devil I know,” Dr Mahathir said, referring to Abdul Hadi.

“The devil party which is controlled by the devil — the devil that people know — is incapable of upholding justice for all,” said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang during the opening of the 58th PAS muktamar in Kota Bharu, where he criticized a “party of devils”.
At a press conference later, Abdul Hadi was asked to clarify which party he meant as the “party of devils”, but he declined to name any.  

Siapa yang makan lada, dialah yang rasa pedas,” he replied, referring to a Malay idiom on knowing that one fits a description.

“Go and ask Mahathir, which was said by Mahathir, he was the one who coined the term,” PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali added.

Dr Mahathir had urged the people to choose the “devil they know” rather than risk the country’s future with an “angel they don’t know”, a reference to Pakatan Rakyat, in his blog in August.

The questions remain: Who actually found the political angel and otherwise? Is it politically possible to grip power by framing the enemy? Who can turn things around: Dr Mahathir or Abdul Hadi?

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