Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is live-tweeting incredibly powerful in Social Media War?

The emergence of social media war not only shown the importance role played by twitter in today’s news headline but in the Israeli military action in the Gaza strip.

After creation in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey which launched in July 2006, the new social media attracted about 500 million active users as in 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily, becomes the worldwide most powerful social media. As twitter is an online social networking and micro blogging, it enables the users to send and read text-based messages - “tweets” of up to 140 characters without any charges.


However, the 140 character Twitter once again proof its popularity when there was serious communication taking place today. It’s no longer just a simple communication tool uses to stay in touch in our daily lives; there is other serious business.

When Israel take action against Hamas with air strikes in Gaza and t is believed that one of this killed the military leader, Ahmed al-Jabari, twitter is emerging as the new media tools in international political spinning. As the modern warfare propaganda strategy, the reach and the speed of the messages in twitter has change the communication scenario and increasing the effectiveness of spinning.

                the situation in Gaza

In the digital era, being weaponry and strategy in determining the outcome through the emotional rather rational response to the massage twitted, the unprecedented use of the social media can be seen as creating a new form of warfare, the social media war, or rather “twitters warfare”.

When Israel Defense Force spins through live tweet its military action,in return, Hamas rebuts on a separate Twitter feed.The feeds from both sides could be viewed as the art of war for social media strategy and professional use of social media to justify its actions.

                the reality?

The live-tweeting claimed to provide latest information out to both sides supporters as they believed it isn’t reaching them properly because of bias in the media. It makes the spin-heavy feeds from both sides of the conflict, however, the question remains: Is the spin in Gaza war with PR via twitter really effective besides so many pictures coming out of the reality?

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