Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cannot compare Perkasa Chief Ibrahim Ali with Alvivi, says minister

Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Abdul Rahman Dahlan said, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's urging to burn Bibles containing the word "Allah" cannot be compared with the present case against the sex bloggers Alvin Tan dan Vivian Lee for insulting Muslims.

He said, Ibrahim had already explained his urging was merely to correct the error of printing in the said Bibles, and burning was the proper thing to do just as Muslims burn copies of the Quran that have misprints. However, the acts of the couple, dubbed Alvivi were aimed at attacking another religion, which could threaten interfaith harmony.

"What Ibrahim Ali said was normal, but various portals twisted the statement saying it was an urging to burn the Bible. That is incorrect," he said.

"This pair put forth more that goes against the people of Malaysia. What I worry about is that if we do not take specific action, it would involve friction among religions," he added, noting that Alvivi were also infamous in Singapore.

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