Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kuala Besut Seat is in the pocket of BN

Kuala Besut state seat deciding-making is beginning today by 1,134 army personnel and 14 police personnel in Gong Kedak Rayal Malaysian Air Force base as today is the advance voting day for the by-election.

Local-born BN candidate Tengku Zaihan Ku Abd Rahman, 37, faces challenge that comes from PAS’ Endot@Azlan Yusof, 48, following the death of Dr. A. Rahman Mokhtar, 55, cause by lung cancer on 26 June.

The engineer at the Drainage and Irrigation Department headquarters in Putrajaya, Tengku Zaihan seem did not face a significant challenge from class A contractor Endot@Azlan Yusof. It is likely that the seat is in the pocket of BN.

Kuala Besut is one of the four state constituencies in the Besut parliamentary constituency where Datuk Seri dris Jusoh is the MP.  The other three sate constituencies are Hulu Besut, Kota Putera and Jertih.

Dr. A. Rahman Moktar defeated Napisah Ismail of PAS by a majority of 2,434 votes in last general election. The voter turnout was 87%.

The state seat has a total of 17,679 votes and the breakdown is as follows:
            21 - 29: 27.94 %
            30 - 39: 27.36 %
            40 - 49: 19.34 %
            50 - 59: 12.86 %
            60 >    : 12.49 %  

Some 93.33 % are ordinary voters; 6.67 % or 1,148 voters are comprises of military and police personnel and their spouses, and one overseas voter.

In terms of breakdown, Malays is 98.7%, Chinese 0.80% or 148 votes, Indian 0.08% and others 0.41%.



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