Saturday, December 6, 2008

AIDS - Prevention is better than cure

According to WHO, about 33 million people have HIV worldwide. Only 3 million people are currently on AIDS drugs. Nearly 7 million people are still awaiting treatment, and about 3 million more people were infected last year.

Although there were many people look to medicine as the primary way of combating AIDS, but the results delivered is not satisfactory. The initiatives like safe sex education and other measures taken to end the AIDS epidemic too were very disappointing and the effectiveness remain to be questioned. It is not because of the failure of the governmental and non-governmental sector.

Working as a team is seen as a crucial way of combating the problems but the perception and remedial measures taken in addressing treatment and combating prejudices need to be revised in order to create a comprehensive, coherent anti-HIV plan.

Ironically, for long lasting to permanent cure and to be effective in addressing, treating the disease from its roots, it seems that avoidance is the best cure. The immoral depraved works of sex-workers, transvestites, homosexuals, pre-marital sex were against social norms and values and should be banned.

It should, instead, encourage responsible sexual practices predicated on Eastern social norms and values. It is wrong and offended to have sex before marriage or having sex outside of marriage as it is still a serious social taboo.

For the sake of survival of the society, a total ban of the malpractices in sexual relationship is probably more practical.

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