Monday, December 1, 2008

Is the Malaysian social intolerance Overrated?

Fundamentally, the world seems to be profoundly diseased in a variety of ways: politically, morally or economically. As a multi-racial country, is the Malaysian society founded on the principle of social intolerance resulted from planned conquest and genocide?

Racial tension

The tendency of the sensitive race relations issues brutality known to the Malaysian society as the “racial tension” therefore, implies that conceals a racist ideology, bitterly divided along racial line between Malay, Bumiputra and non- Bumiputra.

It is claimed that the Malaysian politics has long had a disturbing tendency to racially divide by coalition Barisan Nasional although the government implemented the strategy to overcome problems through the Barisan Nasional spirit.

Undeniably, part of the Malaysian culture seems to cause the people to be the intolerant and was surprised by the hatred that was directed against them. Nonetheless oppressors who have never been held accountable for the unfathomable suffering they created, has become a source of tension between the deference races.

To assert the claim that Malaysian is not responsible for engaging unbalanced representation; rather, there is a serious need to restating an accepted historical fact.

In whatever form, the Self-interested politicians seem to manipulating the issues to perpetuate hatred and stir up unnecessary conflict and tension by using race card.

Regrettably, it is resorted to distasteful and condescending language that appeals to layman fears rather than their hopes.

By and far, the arrogance of the politicians should be tempered; they must realize the most powerful destructive weapon is racial tension. The obligations and self-interest should not be allowed to perjure the people and racial incitement should be eliminated.

Ironically, in the era of globalization, the people are no longer judge the book by its cover; many are scarcely more just, they can analyze and voting across the racial line. It is also important to make it clear that there is a serious need for a great leader to commit oneself without prejudices and bias by good example.

To act and respond without prejudice and hidden racial agenda to overcome the racial tension and for the importance of people are the differences between a great leader and racist.

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