Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Petrol prices: Another 5 percent cut

The government of Malaysian does act responsibly to reduce the petrol prices by another 5 percent bringing pump prices down by 10 sen per liter as the global crude prices continuing to ease.

The pump price of RON97 petrol will now be RM1.90 a liter - down from RM2 - while both RON92 petrol and diesel will be RM1.80 effective Dec 2 midnight.

This is the sixth fuel price cut since June's 41 percent hike on the back of soaring crude costs and the last cut by 15 sen was just over two weeks ago.

In the wake of the economy devastating destruction caused by the evil oil is by far unforgettable and unforgivable, the reduction is seeks to prevent the economy of Malaysia from sliding down.

Economy is good with low oil prices but the question remains: Would the businessmen and manufacturers willingly given a price cuts?

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