Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sex video scandal aimed at toppling political rival?

MCA will hold an EGM on Oct 10 at 10 am in the wake of the expulsion of its deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek by the presidential council for tarnishing the party's image over a sex video scandal.

Is it a zero-sum game?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said, the MCA’s EGM is aimed at solving woes besieging the MCA, and not meant to rekindle issues; to solve the party’s internal crisis, and not destroy the party.

Interestingly, just at last when the MCA seemed all set to hold its EGM, in the wake of the expulsion of Dr Chua, the party central committee decided to suspend him for four years with immediate effect, revising the presidential council’s decision on Aug 26 of sacking him.

One wonders what will happen, should MCA were truly concerned about the party's image over a sex video scandal, the party should have question who the culprits are behind the sex video scandal and serious action be taken against them.

The sex video scandal is an immoral MCA strategy to topple democratically elected Dr Chua. It’s a dirty war against the strong political rival by becoming prick master in planning and shooting the sex video.

By far, it is not only a dirty trick, but instead illegal and immoral method of removing rivals by invading personal privacy.

Typically, it is an accepted norm as well as social categories in Chinese society that the able man has an official wife and one or more concubines.

Why accepted norms are sometimes abandoned in favor of contradictory norms especially political interest of the unable party leader?

Ironically, the predomination of the politics of survival forced rival to become involved in calling the EGM.

Politically, the leaders of MCA should have battled it out in a respected professional way.

Today, most of the MCA members are aware that MCA should be the only party fighting to safeguard their political interest as what UMNO is for the Malay in the BN. How can MCA justify it?

Failing this, most of the MCA members think that it would be better; both for the future of MCA as well as the Chinese, MCA members should be looking for a different kind of leader that shall deliver the goods rather than personal benefit to remain as the president.

Thus, the questions arise: why MCA never deeply concerned about the future of the Chinese community and the interest of the members as well as BN?

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