Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can Anwar Ibrahim boost PKR's image?

It’s true that the images of the political party play a strong role in boosting up the support and the victory.

Typically, strong grass root level support, party machinery and media reporting are vital to boost party’s ratings.

Often than not, political opponents are critical and post as the major hindrance to boosting party image. In order to boost the party's image, PKR was urged to be more courageous and be determined in the perception of the public.

In reality, PKR seems got nothing to be boosted. The defection of 10 of its parliamentarians and state assembly representative is the worst thing that has ever happened in the political history of Malaysia. It clearly serves as the evidence of an increasing degree of unacceptable behavior in the party.

The defection has long been criticized and PKR need to be prepared for the worst political wave.

Politically, major party defection is extremely rare and the defection took PKR by surprise. It was a crushing setback for opposition parties, instantly reducing what limited power opposition has in the Dewan Rakyat.

The ability of the opposition to stop legislation or to block BN agenda is now crippled if not eliminated in some instances. Although the political circumstances are different today, yet it dealt a damaging blow to PKR. And how many defections have we seen in the other direction remained questionable.

It apparently frees people up to say what they really believe the relevancy of the PKR elected parliamentarians and state assembly representative.

The political climate seems more unfavorable for PKR and the opposition leader's popularity won't be remain instead fall dramatically. Several studies have implicated that PKR do not have any takeover opportunity in the Dewan Rakyat.

It was skeptical of the urgency of the defection of the PKR parliamentarians and state assembly representative problem. After all, there is some precedence for PKR changing their minds. There need to wonder how many more PKR leaders will be outing themselves as skeptics?

They may never constitute a majority, and many of them have differing views emanating from contrasting political ideologies in PKR, it only takes few of them to be right for the deflection for PKR to collapse.

The question therefore is not whether Anwar Ibrahim will retain as the Opposition Leader and PKR de facto head.

The critical question is whether the PKR elite in which the post of Opposition Leader and PKR de facto head is determined still fighting to retain much of their political struggle and how to overcome the political defection.

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