Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cross my dead Body if Hudud is to be implemented-Karpal Signh

Chinese community has shown that they are no longer frightened of the Hudud? The statement remains questionable. In reality, it’s a contradictory remark towards Chinese community.

Islamist party’s deputy president Mohamad Sabu’s statement on the issue that Chinese community has shown they are no longer frightened of the Hudud are simply based on mere thoughts. It is nothing more than a mere whim of self-imagination and as an act of disrespect against the Chinese community as well as an intimidation to DAP and embarrassment to Pakatan Rakyat.

It is highly tactical in its use of media communication and politic propaganda. Politically, it implicated that is the highest degree of disrespect and insult DAP especially PKR.

Ironically, it is implicated that there is a concerted effort to undermine support for DAP and doing a favor for MCA.

Up until now, Chinese never compromise on the implementation of Hudud Law. They distant themselves away from those support PAS especially stunt PAS members, who are campaigning about the implementation of the Hudud law in this country.

The present scenario seems to suggest that PAS will suffer losses to UMNO and it needs to divert attention away. In term of non-Muslim votes for DAP will be suffered and PAS will be gained.

Karpal Signh as DAP national chairman and leading constitutional strongly oppose any attempt by PAS to implement hudud law in this country is a typical example.

The famous last words from his mouth toward the standing of Hudud Law are cross my dead body if Hudud is to be implemented.

Ironically, non-muslim especially the Chinese community still continues in respecting Islam as the nation’s official religion, but are afraid of the Hudud Law, or rather the strict Islamic criminal code proposed by PAS deep in their heart. The standing of not supporting the implementation of Hudud Law is loud and clear.

Comparatively, in a multiracial country like Malaysia, the spirit of the constitution should be respected under whatever circumstances and there is strictly no room for Hudud or an Islamic state.

PAS's aspiration to implement Hudud law in the country is impossible. Thus, the HUDUD clarion call is merely a psychological operation in support of strengthening politic inside the party and call can be seen as a strategy to regain lost grounds from UMNO.

Earlier it was reported that Mohamad had said that the BN’s old playbook in wooing voters according to race will no longer succeed as the Chinese community has shown they are no longer frightened of the hudud, or the strict Islamic criminal code, that has often been used as a bogey by BN’s Chinese components, MCA and Gerakan.

“As long as PAS picks the democratic way as part of its struggle, the people especially the non-Muslims do not have to worry,”

“If PAS implements hudud, PAS will have to carry out a public consultation to get the support of all Muslim and non-Muslim MPs to amend the Constitution to enforce hudud.

“Not just hudud, whatever that is desired that involves amending the Constitution requires the support of the majority of parliamentarians,” Mohamad said.

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