Friday, August 17, 2012

Karpal to sue PAS’s Nashrudin - same bed but different dream

The fundamental political differences between PAS and DAP are well known, they are on the same bed but have different dreams.
It’s like the marriage with intimacy but without a basic understanding and a common view.  What the one party sees as a success, the other sees otherwise. It’s just like the relationships between PAS and DAP, whose political struggle are intimately intertwined opposition, but do not fundamentally agreed with each other. 

What DAP have been saying is they are not for an Islamic state. Malaysia constitution provides for a secular state, and it is secular law which applies.  

On the other hand, PAS is pressing for hudud law to be implemented as Malaysia is an Islamic state. Some even accusing the DAP leader of being against Islam. Thus the political struggle for both opposition parties are clear, which DAP does not support the implementation of an Islamic state in Malaysia and imposition of hudud law by PAS.

Both parties are not been happy but force to be together, however, some members do not intend to have this type of relation forever. Suddenly, out of the blue, the feel-good factor lost and political relationship between the two become tense after the DAP national chairman Karpal Singh issued the statement that he will sue Nasharudin Mat Isa for defamation.

The latest political development if persist and failed to take taking any positive action to change the scenario, then the road to Putrajaya is merely a day dream for opposition parties.

Karpal Singh said today he will sue Nasharudin Mat Isa for defamation after the renegade former PAS No. 2 appeared this week to side with Umno by pressing his party to leave Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and accusing the DAP leader of being against Islam.

It was reported that the DAP national chairman said  the former PAS deputy president’s remarks about him yesterday “are highly irresponsible and mischievous”, and that “I have never spoken against Islam”.

However, he stressed that hudud law cannot be implemented in the country as “hudud can only be applied in an Islamic state” while Malaysia remained a secular country.

“Time and time again I have said I respect Islam as the official religion of the country,” Karpal said.

“What DAP have been saying is we are not for an Islamic state. That is just a political concept,” he added.

He said he hoped Nasharudin would “understand the difference between Islam (as a religion) and Islamic state”.

“Our constitution provides for a secular state, and in Malaysia it is secular law which applies. You must have an Islamic state before we can have hudud law,” he said.

“I’m not saying PAS is wrong, but we cannot apply hudud because ours is a secular state. Our law doesn’t allow it,” he reiterated.

Karpal believed Nasharudin was expressing his personal views on the matter and was not speaking on behalf of his party.

“In view of the seriousness of his statement, I’m filing a defamation suit against him.”

Nasharudin said yesterday that “Karpal Singh is not only against hudud but also against Islam”, adding that as a lawyer, Karpal should know that the implementation of the Islamic penal code required high standards of proof.

“For some offences, proof beyond any shadow of doubt is required. But he (Karpal) rejects all this just because it is an Islamic law,” Nasharudin said.

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