Monday, October 29, 2012

Great win for BN through “1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M)”

Wining the heart and mind of the people politically is immaterial; instead the vote is the ultimate goal as democracy is nothing but a device.
Inevitably, those who have better political skills are going to have the ruling power. Although political power is nearly almost depend on the fair economic distribution whereas another school of thought, instead claimed that the main determinants of political power are the political and psychological factors.

In layman's terms, it’s just simply means that the ruling government must has some intelligence, political skill and fighting skill to mass on top of the coherent to organize itself to win political power. 

Technically speaking, there cannot be an election, which everybody participates in making every-day political decisions because our modern society today has been characterized by generation Y.

The disappointment in politician caused the generation Y mostly very non-partisan in politics and lack of political attachment. The generation seems neither center on any party political philosophy nor stuck to any political side and misguided agendas, the impact and the degree resulted are to avoid it.

Ironically, the measure which ruling party used to ensure its political power is indoctrination of ideology. It is obliged to control the dissemination of information and education to prevent the voters from thinking dangerous thought. The voters usually do not spontaneously generate the ideologies, which lead them to accept their lot.

As moving forward for transformation, there will always be a competition between political parties to gain the power because ruling party can be replaced by another in the election. Undeniably, the ruling party does serve its own interests but it also put an effort to solve the conflict and to make compromises because its goal is to win the popular vote in society to maintain its power.

The second round of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M 2.0) is expected to cover some 2.7 million singles; it’s merely an election sweetener or otherwise, but BN seems to have taken up the political role and the platform to be politically viable move although the great win for BN has yet to be seen.

Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim said the second round of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M 2.0) is expected to cover some 2.7 million singles, who for the first time are covered under the one-off financial aid programme.

“But household will get the usual RM500 while singles will only get RM250, their salary must be below RM2,000,”.

As for household recipients, Lim said they are also expected to increase by 10 percent from this year’s 4.35 million.

However, he said this time, the BR1M assistance will only be distributed next year.

“Because it is for the 2013 budget, you know if we distribute it earlier (like last year) then the other side (opposition) will make noise,” he said.

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