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Pulau Rawa - Truly a Snorkeling heaven

Ever wondered if there is an amazing snorkeling or swimming in clear, blue waters spot in the world?  It is no other than the stunning island of Pulau Rawa, 16 km off the coast of Mersing, Johor, which dominates much of the beautiful eastern islands of Peninsular Malaysia.

                              Pulau Rawa Snorkeling heaven

Pulau Rawa, an island gifted with crystal clear blue water, soft white sand long beach and nicest beautiful coral reef, is truly a snorkeling heaven as snorkeling is just right in front of the doorstep. 

               Crystal clear blue water  and soft white sand

The un-spoilt beautiful Island paradise is truly a unique spot provided to observe the underwater beautiful marine life on the reef, corals and fish up close. Just few hundred meters from the sandy beach, the sea and 60 species of marine life here can be considered as the most outstanding and one of the best snorkeling sites in Malaysia.

Realizing the unique mega undersea biodiversity marine life gifted national heritage need to be conserved to provide opportunities for public appreciation and inspiration, a new kind of civil law mechanism was implemented.

                          First class snorkel


                     Swimming and snorkeling in clear, blue waters

The Rawa Island and the surrounding islands thus, was gazette as a “Marine Park” by Malaysian Government and under administration of Marine Parks Department.

Any human activities contamination creating a significant risk of  affecting the natural environment especially jet ski or personal watercraft that threaten to harm or cause environment damage as well as destroy the natural habitats within 2 nautical miles around the island is strictly prohibited. Stern action will be taken against any such violation.
                           Beautiful Island paradise

The waves here are very mild which made snorkeling in Pulau Rawa Marine Park a very safe area for both the young and the old as the areas is just few hundred feet away from the beach. The opportunity to observe fish, corals, on a coral reef and underwater life in a natural setting certainly catches the snorkelers at their best.


The reef is only about four feet deep, so even children can safely snorkel on the reef and see all the different animals that inhabit it. The reef also extends into deeper water for those who have been snorkeling before, and colorful fishes have been spotted. Children as well as adults those who cannot swim sure to have nostalgia time swimming among the wonderful marine life.

                                                         seaside beverage outlets

The guided snorkel simple lesson provided by the Johor  Marine Parks Department is perfect for anyone new to snorkeling. Having that little skill can handle the undersea observation makes the adventure more enjoyable

                             Restaurant out look

Wearing diving mask and a shaped tube called snorkel allows snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort.

                               Facility for children

           Diving mask and J-shaped tube

The tube about 30 centimeters long with an inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters J-shaped and fitted with a plastic mouth piece at the lower end is an essential equipment to enjoy the underwater beautifully scenery up close and it’s a truly unique opportunity. 

                     Jetty with water sport recreation

Discovered by Tunku Mohammed Archibald, the island is a perfect fishing paradise. The island's innate qualities simply entice to relax, reinvigorate and re-energize, caused him to build the 63 units of chalets and bungalows “Rawa Island Resort” also known as Rawa Safari in 1971. The restaurant here is serving decent food at decent price.

                   Make a vocation story here

Rawa Island is the very essence of tropical coastal beauty, peace and tranquility, the paradise for an intoxicating mixture of relaxation and adventure, certainly make quite a vacation story. 

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