Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kuching Noodle Descendents

Eating out in Noodle Descendents can be a unique experience especially eating the famous Teochew organ-meat soup in the hot eating environment and the long waiting queue.

The Teochew organ-meat soup is Kuching’s most famous food and it is serves with noodle or Kuey Teau separately. Founded in 1957, Noodle Descendents is well known in Kuching for its fresh pork meat, intestines, liver and kidney soup. 

Although the business hour is from 9.00 am till 3.00 pm but one needs to queue up at least half an hour to get a seat. However, you can catch in a long queue for hours especially during breakfast and lunch or after work hours. The queue becomes longer on weekends and public holidays.

When you finally sit down to a meal, be patient, do not call the waiter over to place your food order. The waiter has her time to get your order. When placing your order, be audible and clear. However, the food comes in just 30 minutes.

The 57-year-old family-run foods business “Sin Min Joo Cafe” was unusual. It was originally on an old corner shop lot in the populated quarter of the town located at Bishopgate, a small lane off Carpenter Street in Kuching, dedicated there in 1957.

The cafe was too cramped out. The olden tables and chairs were taking a lot of space. It’s always crowed no matter what time of the day. However, the business has closed and moved to a new location at Padungan Road in August 2012 with the new name Noodle Descendents (麵家湯). Certainly the new place looks amazing, although it’s ridiculously too hot and miserable inside without air conditioning.

Despite the changes which have taken place, but the home-based business owner and the essence remains the same, while the business climate remains far better than before.

The waiting time for those who are eager to try the noodle will be less stressful if they are prepared to wait. Anyhow, the food is delicious and worth the wait.

                                                             Delicious organ-meat soup

                                                                     The famous organ-meat soup

                                                        The famous Kuey Teau and organ-meat soup

                                                                        Preparing the food

                                                                     Noodle Descendents

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