Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walk Around to see some great Views in Miri

Miri is the 2nd largest city and the dynamic oil town in Sarawak. Started from a small village in 1800s due to the discovery of oil in 1910, it developed rapidly into the cosmopolitan modern town and has the potential to be Sarawak’s new capital city.

It’s fun to walk around and see some great views in the oil town Miri. The architecture views can be seen on a comfortable walk through the town. 

                                                        Beautiful sunset in Energetic Oil Town

                                                                  Traditional Market

                                                                               Local vegetables

                                                                             Local Produce

                                                                                  Kolo Mee


                                                             Night Hawker center

                                                                                     Miri Airport

                                                                          Decorative Dried Fish

                                                                              Grilled Fish

                                                               Famous  Layer Cakes

                                                                              Delicious food

                                                                Food prices

                                                                        Wooden handicraft

                                                                            Beautiful seaside

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