Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sarawak Iban – the legendary head-hunting community

Sarawak is full of places of interest and there are more interesting just outside the town such as longhouse. Being the main ethnic groups in Sarawak, Iban or Sea Dayak is accounting for more than one-fourth of the population.
The Iban was long ago famous for their head-hunting past with the ornate tattoo, live together with many families in the long house under one roof headed by a tuai rumah. Each family lives in separate unit and communal activities such as weaving, gathering were held outside the veranda.
Iban hospitality is legendary and potent rice wine or tuak is a must to offer to visitors. It is a drink for all occasions, be it Gawai, wedding or the normal visit.

Below are some of the interesting photos in and around long house.

                                                            Head skull
                                                         Iban worrior
                                                     Traditional longhouse
                                             Outside traditional longhouse
                                     Drinking tuak session in modern longhouse
                                                  The Entrance to longhouse
                                                           Modern longhouse
                                                        Wooden longhouse
                                                              Colorful souvenir
                                                            Wooden souvenirs
                                        Beautiful native woven cloth by Iban 

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