Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is MCA at the political cross-road?

MCA reaps disastrous results in the 12th Malaysian general election and the current political turmoil left the Chinese based party almost split between the opinions that should MCA pull out from Barisan Nasional or otherwise. MCA finds itself at the historical cross-road once again after 1969.

Will MCA leaves BN? Will racial politics more relevant than multi racial-coalition? On the political scene, the performance of MCA leadership has been more critically received especially the president. Critically, it seems that MCA needs a leadership revamp badly rather than pull out from Barisan Nasional as it’s the historical political partner in nation building.

Undeniably, the lack of capable political leadership in MCA especially the ability and experience to position itself in Barisan Nasional is crucial factor. Attributes the interest in multiculturalism, the MCA leaders who can compromise their convictions within acceptable limits, without betraying their consciences, in order to achieve the best for all especially MCA, as they understand the best to be, in cooperation with their political opponents are by far needed.

The qualities of MCA leadership that made for political success in the past are enduring, but courage, fearlessly to enunciate government policies and to confront the country's problems, is now required more than ever. The ability to be able to differentiate between political mediocrity and quality, regardless of what camp the person is from as a shift to the political establishment.

Ironically, bad roots will always produce bad fruits. It was devastating for MCA in becoming a euphemism in architectural and cultural circles for narrow-mindedness, provincial conservatism without a clear path and future vision for Chinese community.

The scandals surrounding many political leaders raise the question of whether character matters in the leader, character does count, and morality—both private and public—is essential in the leaders. But it seems that the Chinese community by large wanted the leader not only capable of changing their minds but admitting their errors in an era of political realignment of MCA.

Historically, there are people of great character and honor in Malaysia especially founding father of UMNO Dato' Onn Ja'far and that was, for it to be a multi-racial party, but he was against to run for political office.

By and large, the majority of Chinese community had neither the full incentives nor the clear understanding of the deep forces needed to generate substantive political change, although it has been known for its radical politics in Barisan Nasional. This trend of radicalization is also visible in the coalition parties in Barisan Nasional.

It seems that the Chinese community as well as the party members wanted MCA to be more assertive in having political leaders of ability and experience, wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance to achieve the best for all through a clear path and future vision for Chinese community.

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Anonymous said...

racial politics still dominance in Malaysian politics. MCA heading no where if remain the stereo type of politicking as usual.