Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MPs enjoying Ramadan in Taiwan caused Sept 16 target failed

As expected, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s targeted date of Sept 16 to takeover Government did not happen on Sept 16 due to the said defector MPs are currently ‘enjoying Ramadan’ in Taiwan.

He said he had information that the MPs, who went on the Taiwan trip, were not allowed to return before Sept 16 in order to thwart the Pakatan takeover. The Pakatan Rakyat leader had initially proclaimed that his takeover would happen on Sept 16.

“We definitely have sufficient numbers (of MPs) but we would have to wait first as they are currently ‘enjoying Ramadan’ in Taiwan,” said Anwar sarcastically.

“After discussing with PAS and DAP, the date can be postponed even though our target was Sept 16 previously. He added that detailed discussions would be held with Pakatan component parties PKR, PAS and DAP to study any possible consequences.

The meeting on Pakatan’s preparations for Sept 16 will be held tomorrow evening or the following day as he had to follow court proceedings before that.

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