Monday, March 3, 2008


The rejuvenation process is pretty strong in the existing Malaysian political culture, be it Barisan Nasional or the opposition.

The introduction of a significant number of new and young faces indicates a renewal process taking place. It is a good evolution as those who are participating are well qualified academically. The injecting of new blood into the party is to ensure continuity while while maintaining the old guard is to exploiting the experience and applause all the way around their achievements as one of the energetic leaders.

The new and old politicians are alike. For the old, they should have a good track record in serving locals, work hard, effectiveness and keep up with a very demanding production schedule.

This is the perception pertaining the new blood and old guard of Barisan Nasional which wicking through the carton, how about the opposition?


superbrain said...

power struggle......... for self interest?

superbrain said...

power struggle......... for self interest?

bigbrother said...

in life, other than power, money, what else you want? can't the young perform better than the old? but the old eating more salt than the young.............