Sunday, March 2, 2008


The newly circulated MCA leaflet portraying Anwar Ibrahim as a political chameleon that changes colours to suit its political surroundings, despite reinforced the image of a sinister character, untrustworthy and unprincipled.

The leaflet claimed Anwar Ibrahim was against lion and dragon dances when he was then culture, youth and sports minister in 1982; he decreed the teaching of Chinese and Indian studies in University Malaya be in Bahasa Malaysia in 1987 when he was education minister; and he placed non-Mandarin speaking administrators in government-run Chinese primary schools.

When responding, Anwar Ibrahim said: “The notion that I’m a political chameleon misses things by a mile.” “I suppose all is fair and foul in the midst of a high stakes election campaign,” commented Anwar. “But the notion of me as a Malay ultra is a base canard.”

He elaborated: “Nothing I did and said in the language and cultural spheres were not standard BN-UMNO policy and nowhere did I take my
championing of any issue to the extent that I waved a “keris” and called for bloodletting, stirring crowds to emotive outbursts.”

The real question remains: Who is telling the truth?


superbrain said...

how about mahathir? malay dilema?...

bigbrother said...

who was't make mistake?
last time he against lion and dragon dances.... he decreed the teaching of Chinese and Indian studies in University Malaya .... he anti..anti...anti.......
but now he fight for ... whom?
this is politiklah..... chameleon..... ? bukan flexible ? politik adalah seni serba mungkin kan ?

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