Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Best Iban Handicraft and Souvenir in Kapit

Handicraft and souvenirs play a great role in the economics of the Iban which attain immense value. It holds strong symbolic value to pleasurable travel experiences.

Visitors would come across a great variety of souvenir that reflects the culture, art and history of Iban when travel in Sarawak especially Kapit. 

Iban souvenirs come in a wide range of attractive and unique handmade items. For the best items in Kapit to bring back as souvenir can easily found in Teresang Market. 

 Colorful handicraft
                                                                 Attractive handmade item

                                                                           Unique design

                                                                           Great design

                                                                           Variety souvenir

                                                                                 Great Choice

                                                                Petty trader   

                                                                         RM3 to RM5 per item

                                                                                      Hand beg


                                                                     Colorful handicraft
                                                             Traditional handicraft

                                                                             Woman petty trader

                                                                       Petty traders

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