Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Legend of Rajang River

The mighty Rajang River is 563 km, a river in Sarawak and the longest in Malaysia. Originated in Iran Mountains in Borneo, it flows south west into Kapit and then turns westward to the South China Sea.

The transport is totally dependent on river; the Rajang River is navigable for 130 km Upper River to the town of Sibu by big oceangoing vessels from the river mouth of the Rejang. 

Next big settlement at the river bank is Kanowi, about 174 km away and about one and a half hour by road from Sibu but an hour by express boat. Before Kapit is small settlement of Song.

                                                                              Sibu Passenger Terminal
The express boat from Kapit to Pelagus, Belaga Balleh and Putai is at 9 am.  The journey might take up more than 4 hours.

                                                    Kapit Passenger terminal

The river fish species recorded are 164 and empurau is the most expensive fish fresh water fish found here. Rajang River is the means of transporting timber logs to Sibu. 

The Rejang River is extremely attractive for those who like to explore sights and take in different fabulous view of exotic holiday location.

                                                                 Timber logs transport by boat
                                                               Timber transport by boat

                                                                      Towing another boat

                         Transportation boat

                                                                                  Pulling boat

                                                                                   Carrying cars

                                                                              Upload the timber

                                                                            Pulling boat

                                                                             Pulling timber

                                                                                Pulling boat




                                                                                Upload timber

                                                                             access by boat

                                                                        House by river side

                                                                          River side activity


                                                                           River side settlement
              Beautiful scenery

                                                                     Transportation boat


                                                                          Big transportation boat

                                                                      Riverside settlement

                                                                             Yellow river water

                                                                            View from boat

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