Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kapit Express Boat

Kapit is a town on the south bank of the mighty Rajang River. The Rajang river flows approximately 563 km into Kapit and then to the South China Sea, making it the longest river in Malaysia.

The supplies of consumer goods are from Sibu and Kapit is the vibrant commercial activity and social center for the areas including the middle Rajang River. It catered to the Iban and other tribes who live in the villages and longhouses as well as timber logging camps in the interior areas.

Its accessible by river which took approximately 3 hours from Sibu by express boat but it took only 2 ½ hour from Kapit to Sibu as Kapit is at the upper Rejang River.

The express boat to Kapit is consider big and fully air-cond with TV.  The operating hours are from Sibu 5.45 am till 14.30 pm and from Kapit is 6.40 am till 1515 pm. The one way fares cost RM30 person for first class and RM25 for economy class.

Today Kapit is a town full of business opportunities and to plan for successful futures.

                                                                   Express boat to Kapit

                                                                   Ticketing office at Sibu

                                                                               Terminal at Sibu

                                                                        Terminal at Kapit

                                                              Kapit Passenger Terminal

                                                                           Boat at Kapit

Passenger arriving Kapit

                                                                Entrance to Kapit Town

                                                                 Consumer goods from Sibu

                                                            Full of business opportunities

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