Monday, May 19, 2014

Kapit porter carries motorcycle to earn a living

A Kapit jetty porter carries 90 kg motorcycle, almost twice his own body weight to the express boat daily to earn a living.

Basically, porters at Kapit jetties along Sungai Rejang carry whatever goods available when the boats arriving or leaving. The goods carry by express boats ranging from necessities to luxury items.

The jetties and entrances steps to jetties are rough concrete without an interlinked baggage conveyor system, quite a numbers of passengers need the services of the porters to carry their luggage.

More than 50 porters provided their services early in the morning when the express boats start operating. The boats from Sibu carried a big volume of goods to Kapit but otherwise downstream. They offer their services to passengers travel to upstream Baleh and Belaga.

The porters came from nearby surrounding areas including longhouses that used to hard work. The services charges are based on weight, ranging from few ringgits but not exceeding hundred ringgits. 

They can earn about RM30 per day during normal day but as high as RM300 during Gawai and Christmas. 

                                                                  Porter carries motorcycle

                                                                      Porter carry heavy good

                                                                            Porters carry eggs

                                                                      Passenger baggage

                                                                              Kapit terminal

                                                                        Steep concrete steps

                                                                                  Kapit jetty

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