Saturday, May 17, 2014

Roti Canai Goreng Kapit

Kapit Fry Flat bread or Roti Canai Goreng Kapit is unique and extremely popular dish there. It’s a type of Indian-influenced flat bread fried in oil found in Kapit, Sarawak.

The flat bread is composed of dough containing fat, flour, and water that fried in oil. It’s fluffy inside but crispy and flaky outside which made a good taste.

It’s serving hot with chicken curry and hot spicy sauce (sambal).

There are three stall selling Roti Canai Goreng and halal dishes inside Gelanggang Kenyalang Food Court.  

Plain bread cost RM2.00 but egg bread were priced at RM3.00.

                                                                      Roti Canai with egg

                                                        Serving with chicken cyrry and sambal

                                                                                 Plan bread

                                                  Gelanggang Kenyalang Food Court

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